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June 2012

Overexposed concert

Couldn’t believe how Maroon 5’s concert for September 18 is running out of tickets already. I just read their status in Fb the other day promoting their show. Good thing I went to Ticketnet yesterday, otherwise maybe I would not be able to go. Initially I planned on purchasing Upper A reserve for 3,7k per ticket but it was full already. The lady offered the 7k+ Patron, because there were only 2 seats left but they weren’t even adjacent! So I ended up buying the Upper B free seating for 2,650 each instead. What the hell, are people buying in bulk? It wasn’t even 3 days when ticketing opened! And the concert is a good two and half months away. Don’t tell me they have to extend another night just like what Ne-Yo did way back. Why not Arena instead? Now, I have to come ahead of time to grab good seats! 🙂

All-around I

I just went to AMLA seminar of BSP last friday and right about now I’m going to Security Bank in Ayala  for Cebu Pacific’s new payment system. Earlier I replaced all UPS with Omni power strips.
I’m not yet done fixing the computers of our internet cafe since they could not connect to the main server and printer. I’m also monitoring the auto debit of BPI since we’re having problems of debiting on the same day, when our agreement is supposed to be on the next day. I have to ensure the availability of the amount to be debited from all fuel deliveries from yesterday.

I printed stuff on acetate for our Supreme court bidding. I have loads of Travel reports to check. I just penalized one cash custodian for not texting me of their bank pick up amount.  Now my staff is asking for the schedule of our month end inventory. And I forgot to drop off the prepaid cards I purchased from Greenhills yesterday. Plus its already payroll cutoff.

Yes, all these happened in one day.
And it wasn’t even a toxic day. So think about the day when I get really stressed. Sometimes I stop and contemplate what kind of position I’m in, really.

SG the torchbearer

Looking at the photos of SG bearing the Olympic torch at Manchester made me one very happy and proud fan!
He looked so cool running with his bright yellow nike sneakers. Chance that I love yellow nowadays. ^^
I read somewhere that torchbearers were supposed to be an ex-olympian or a popular figure of the hosting country. In this case, he is neither. But who cares. Samsung is a major sponsor of the Olympics and they chose him as the representative.
He really is very popular everywhere. Even in Poland where he stopped by first to watch a soccer game, fans flocked in the airport to welcome him. And mind you, not korean ones but europeans! Hope he had a lovely stay in europe.
Can’t wait to see him again in singapore!

New pad

I’ve been wanting to have a unit of my own since about 2 years ago. I’ve been meaning to inquire in Sea residences but I felt like I wasn’ t ready yet, financially. I don’t know, but I felt like living in a condominium made me feel some sort of independence. That I can do anything I wanted to, eat whatever and come home whenever I feel like it. And it actually happened for real when tabs and I lived in Richville for a year. It was a small unit, 20sqm suited for a student. It was actually for tabs, since he was the student. Initially I disliked the idea of going to and from work/house/condo. It was tiring, plus the traffic in Manila area was unbelievable. But after getting the hang of it, it was bearable.
When we left Richville a year later, I couldn’t explain the feeling, especially on the last day. I experienced an unexplained feeling of sadness, as in every kind of separation. I stared at our room memorizing every details. That small room brought a lot of memories for me. I still feel melancholic whenever I think about our room, and I know for sure when I pass by again I would feel mixed feelings, sad and happy at the same time.
Two months later, our new unit in Newport was finished. But of course it was not to our liking. Not our design, not our brands of appliances, not our stuff.. I don’t know how this is supposed to be mine and tabs’ pad. It was a 58sqm unit, big compared to our previous. But it got smaller when 2 rooms were made. Our room was unbelievably small. Just bed and closet. Even our storage room in pgv was larger than this. But I noticed how some of our stuff in Richville were brought here. The aircon, microwave, wall frames, even our free coke glasses. ^^
It does have a different feel. My first night was spent with 4 of us and without tabs. Somehow the feeling of freedom and independence were lost. This unit is suited for a family, not for a couple. Even tabs were dismayed that his parents feel that it was made for them more, not for him. He initially wanted it to be just a 1 bedroom, or 2 is okay as long as he can put his stuff in the other room. But turned out that he would not be able to even bring any of his stuff because there is no room for anything. It was too small and it was filled with space-unfriendly furnitures.
I’ve been dreaming to have a space of our own, the one we created and really belonged to us. I’ve been fascinated to have a room just like the Grand room of Marina Bay Sands. Ever since we stayed there I couldn’t get it off my mind. I wanted it to be just like a studio type so it would look spacious, with king sized bed, carpeted floor, hotel-like feel.
I was also surprised when a blessing was held and I guess some 20+ people were invited. We couldn’t all fit inside so some stayed and chatted outside, like tabs and his uncles. I wasn’t sure if it was really necessary to invite as many, to think this is a small condo, not a house.
I hope one day I would find myself choosing furnitures and appliances for a unit of our own, just like what I did in Richville. But hopefully not for temporary. It might not turn out to be the best, but at least its what we can call ours.

Clumsy I

Dang I was such a klutz. I fell off a chair I was about to sit on in a packed eatery during lunch. I knew that the flooring was uneven, but when I was about to sit, the chair fell first and I couldn’t hold onto anything, so I fell in what I felt like a slow motion kind. My bum fell flat on a dusty floor. And the funny thing was, I couldn’t even stand! My staff, Irene held out her hand and another good lady held out hers. My right arse hurts it must’ve received the impact.
I currently have a heavy period just 2months after miscarriage so I guess thats why it hurts too. I think I fall down every once a year or so. Last year I slide after getting off Pajero and bum fell flat with me also having difficulty standing up. And it was about 2 or 3 years ago when I tripped on my sandals and fell off a sidewalk straight to the front of my car. It was hilarious. Oh well. Good thing I don’t worry too much about getting embarrassed. At least I’m still pretty after getting up. 😉

Secret garden

This would be my 2nd time finishing another drama for this year, Secret Garden. I know, its so 2010, but after I got hooked on Lsg last year I wasn’t able to watch anything but him, his dramas and tv shows. I was really curious about this drama, and my sister was crazy about this. This is a fantasy romantic drama which tells the story of one of the elite in the society, president of Loel Department Store Kim Joo Won falling in love with a mere stuntwoman, Gil Ra Im. They accidentally met when Kim mistook Gil as the lead actress from whom she is the double. From then on, Kim followed her everywhere, kinda like stalking her, and started falling madly in love with her. To the point that he was willing to give up everything; his wealth, position, and more importantly, his mother who despised Gil to her core. What complicates it more is that something unimaginable happened to them where they switch bodies every time it rains.

I love dramas with this kind of characters; a wealthy guy falling in love with a poor girl, poor girl resists at first but falls back without admitting, incredulously hating mother, pitiful 2nd choice lover.. sounds too BOF, don’t ya think? Couldn’t help but notice the similarities, but I think I like this Kim Joo Won over Gu Jun Pyo. Joowon literally followed Raim everywhere she went, doing everything for her, even risked his life for her. I’m thinking Edward Cullen. And tell me, who in the world would not fall for a guy like that? He was very intelligent, normally obnoxious and conceited, a typical pain in the arse kind. But around Raim he totally gets lovesick and do mushy stuff. He accepted her as she is, her humble home, her dangerous job, her kickass attitude.. He fell hard, and it wasn’t easy. In fact, I think it would be the most difficult if the one you love is intensely disliked by someone you wish she would also love, your own mother. So it just sucked that situations like these happen, mother goes to poor girl condemning her, tearing her down at her own house, throwing her vast amount of money, telling her to get lost and leave her son alone. Such drama. Why do parents always have to get in the middle of things? They are not always right, in my opinion. They say they know how it feels, when they really don’t. Elders, middle age, young age.. they don’t feel the same. You have to get past that age to really understand. They have the right to say, but they don’t have the right to control your life, more so, dictate who you choose to love. Its your feelings, not theirs.

The fact that even when Joowon temporarily lost his memory, he was still attracted to her, and couldn’t resist following her around. There must be really something with this woman. What moved me the most was the part when Raim got into an accident and was comatose for a couple of months. Joowon took her out of Seoul into the rain so they could switch bodies and she could live. He must be crazy, but the guy really was just in love. And the most overwhelming part for me was when he passionately kissed her in front of so many guests at his party. He was not afraid revealing his real feelings to the world. His initial object-of-playing-around-at-the-moment which I could tell is real, eventually turned into unconditional love.

Is it really true that playing hard to get to a man who likes you increases that man’s feelings for you? In this case, yes. Despite her resistance and numerous attempts to ignore this man, Joowon fell harder for her. Thats why even though she tries to deny it, she has also developed feelings for him. And how could you not? Joowon ultimately turned down her wicked mother when he decided to marry her. Ahh it was such a fairy tale indeed. Swoons.

And the kissing scenes! Couldn’t help exclaiming holy guacamole on their wedding night. Ahahaha, I must not be the only one with perverted mind. They seriously should  have extended the scene more. ^^

There are two of my favorite swoon worthy parts. First, when the two were left in Joowon’s resort and he went all over hugging her as she resists, his face inches from her, lovingly looking at her. I can’t get enough of that scene. And second, at the last ep, when they were showing their daily activities together as married couple. Raim was doing sit ups and Joowon tried to catch her lips everytime to kiss her. So sweet.

Overall, I love it. I’m not sure if something like this still happens in real world. The fantasy, of course not. But the love story, though sounds too good to be true, I hope yes. Really, love is so unpredictable. It is too powerful that it changes you. It happens to everyone, only in different forms. Everyone has a love story, and this is probably one of the best. 🙂

Bizu macarons

Honestly, this would be my first time to actually eat this kind of pastry. I know, I’m pathetic really, since Bizu came out several years ago, and this is supposed to be their signature product. Now that I think about it, I know I’ve seen this kind not only in Bizu, also in several pastry shops, its just that I wasn’t really interested. For my first taste I tried chocolate, their bestseller. So this is like a chewy cookie.. Kinda like lady-finger but made of meringue filled with cream at the center. Not really braces-friendly. Very sweet and filling. I also chose pistachio, mint and vanilla to complete a pack of 8 for 355 pesos.


I feel uneasy

..thinking bout how my SGD$420 PayPal payment went..

Please, let me receive an immediate confirmation, and let us have the best seats! Jebal!

Uniqlo experience

I was looking forward for the day this store would open in Manila. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand, famous overseas, think Forever 21 and H&M. I’ve seen several outlets when I went to Seoul and Shanghai. I even went inside their store in Lotte World and tried a couple of their earmuffs. Though I could tell they have good quality and cheap price, I did not end up buying anything. And I was not surprised at all when I saw their store construction in Moa a couple of months ago. I thought maybe they should open one here, just like F21 chain.
And now, a day after the grand opening I found myself standing at the end of the line, against a staff with a placard that says, “Waiting time : 50-80 minutes”. Normally, I don’t have the strength nor the patience to wait and stand that long, for just a clothing brand. But since I have free hours to kill until Nanay’s bday buffet this evening, I might as well get the best of my time and fall in line.
It indeed took me 60minutes to finally get inside. I don’t know about the others, but I think I should spend at least a couple thousands to make the most of standing and waiting for quite sometime.
I think Uniqlo is different from F21 in that they sell mostly different kinds of shirts. Polo shirts, character-inspired shirts, vintage/statement  shirts, plain tshirts, its like the basics kind of clothing concept. They have plain tees section. Pants, jeans and shorts section. They also have underwear and sleepwear. They even have blouses and dresses for ladies. Of course they have lots of basics for men and kids too. Different generations line up here, and prices are mostly affordable and could cater to the masses. F21 on the other hand, cater mostly to women and teeners, with its fashionable dresses and blouses. Though they also have men’s section, the choices are not as diverse and basic as Uniqlo. Prices are also, well, not really comparative to its quality. I’ve been wearing F21 since it first opened here, and now I think I found its alternative. Uniqlo, I think, is like a cheaper version of Marks & Spencer.
Almost 3 hrs and 12,370 pesos later, I exited the store, weary and poor. Yeah, you read it right. 12 friggin thousand. So much for a couple thousand I was estimating earlier. I had no problem with my card, since I have a huge credit line. The problem is how I’m going to pay for it once the statement arrives, hahahaha.

I’m the type who would rather estimate my size and pay for my items rather than waste another time queuing for the fitting rooms. As a result, only half of my purchases fitted me exactly. One shirt even has a small hole in it. So I guess I would end up going on another trip again tomorrow. Sighs. Hoping I could get in easily since these are only for exchange. And hoping I would not end up doing another shopping spree!

A glimpse of the Uniqlo line

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