These past few days I was preoccupied about something. I was researching for a school I will send Sophie to. I know she just turned 2, but as early as now I would like to make a shortlist of my options, since 2 years is not so far away (we plan on sending her by age 4). Also, most of these schools do open houses at the beginning of the year, so at least I can anticipate any of the school I have shortlisted.

If I was asked a year ago, I’d probably say BSM in a heartbeat. But spending for almost a million a year, for nursery until highschool, is waaay too outrageous for me. And considering that we are a normal family, meaning we’re not expats, diplomats, politicians or known personalities. So I scrap the idea of BSM or any international school. Its just a wishful thinking, a fantasy of mine.

I also scrapped the idea of an all-girls school. I have been to one and believe me, it wouldn’t be healthy for her. Co-eds are more fun, esp. in highschool years.

I was thinking of 3 schools last night. SISFU (Southville), DLSZ and CSA. I read a mommies forum and one mom said she’s a SISFU alumna but doesn’t want to enrol her kids there. The kind of crowd she belonged to was not good. Some are kickouts, some are in and out of rehab.. I mean I’m not generalizing. I know its every individual’s choice what to do with their teenage lives. But if you’re exposed to this kind of environment, then there’s a possibility you will become one too, right?

I think DLSZ was my best bet. Though I’m not fond of DLS in general (purely personal, my guts don’t like them) I think DLSZ is conducive for us Southern people. BUT, I read about their color coding scheme and it turned me off. It was implemented just January this year, that all non-resident cars must ONLY have 1 of the 2 colored stickers, and they alternate daily. Say, if you have a white sticker you can only use your car to fetch your child MWF. This was implemented by the exclusive village where the school is located, to lessen the ongoing traffic the vehicles make during hatid-sundo time. Most of the parents are furious about this scheme. I mean I would too, imagine, you incovenient yourself by enrolling your child to this school, when there’s tons of good schools around who do not have a traffic problem, right?

I was pretty bummed about DLSZ. But I know this will be the top contender for Sophie’s school in the future. I know CSA is a good school also, some of my classmates were from here, and they’re nice, down to earth individuals. I think these 2 schools will be my best bets. I’m also thinking if I should include SBA (San Beda) to my list. I think its a good school, too. 

I will be researching more to find the best school for Sophie. Budget-wise, as long as it doesn’t reach half a million a year, I think it should be fine. Of course, its going to be a different story when another offspring comes. 

For now, Sophie is still enjoying Gymboree, but we might transfer her to another kids gym in BF called Club Bambino, or Little Gym in Alabang. Location wise, these 2 are more convenient since we are in BF on weekends. I have to book her in trials first, though. 

Anyways, there’s a good one year or so for school hunting. This is going to be tough because once she enrols, its going to be her 2nd home until she graduates highschool. So this is some serious stuff for a parent like me. Whatever she will be in the future, its us parents who first made the choice. ®