I hate to admit that Sophie is growing up faster than I expected. In 6 months time she will become four, and though I still have my reservations if she’s ready for school, I know in one way or the other she has to go. 

I have finally chosen Southville to be her first school. We had a 2-day trial and it was good, so far. The problem I have with Sophie is that, even though she loves posing for pictures, she is extremely shy and doesn’t socialize with kids. I hope I won’t encounter any separation anxieties from her during the first weeks.

Anyway, from the 2-day trial I had a glimpse of their learning method. Southville has a progressive method of teaching. The kinder class has only 6 students, a teacher and a teacher aid. They have singing, dancing, lots of educational activities, story telling. They have computer lab and library periods. The kids also know how to read a little, which I think is very advanced for their age. 

The tuition fee is around 124k for a year for the kinder class, excluding the books, school supplies and uniforms. Its actually more expensive than other schools, but since its an international school, I know it will be worth it. And the best part is that, its just a kilometer away from the house. Its so conducive and very apt for us!

Here is Sophie enjoying the playgrounds of her future school. 



Southville International School and Colleges