Darren Espanto is such a talented young boy. I knew theres a big future in store for him when I first watched him on last season’s The Voice Kids. True enough, he may not have won the title (he placed second to 9 year old Lyca Gairanoid), but he became more popular than Lyca as he already staged his first major concert and released an album.

Had I known his concert 2 months ago, I would surely attend, no questions asked. So when I learned about The Voice Kids concert in PICC, I did not hesitate to go. I wanted to experience myself what this child has to offer. As expected, he did not disappoint. He’s a total performer, a total package, thats for sure. From the looks of it, he doesn’t belong there. His talent is on a different level, not “the kids” type. He has also developed a fanbase who went crazy in that concert. I can now understand how or why, at the age of 13, he has managed to pull off a major concert.

I really liked this kid, not only because he’s very talented, but also because he’s very humble and good natured. He looked like such a good boy you can tell he was raised well. His parents must be so proud of him. Also, I can see a lot of Seunggi in him. Maybe for a parent, it would be so fulfilling to have a child like Darren, or Seunggi, for that matter. ☺️