I know I’ve been slacking again on this journal over the past months. But I’ve been really busy. I’ve been travelling all over, attend to work, and take care of, send and fetch, and tutor my child since I’m yaya-less since August. I’m not at all complaining, I’ve been given a very abundant life, and though there were drawbacks too, my life is not all bed of roses I am very eternally thankful for everything.

I mentioned I’ve been travelling all over, almost every month, for leisure and with my family, fortunately. And for this post I would like to share some of my favorite photos from each of my travel this year, 2017. The purpose is personal and not to brag, but to humble myself and count all my blessings. I wish I could post these monthly as soon as they happen, but oh well, maybe I could just post my photo travels again in annual basis in the future.



Hongkong SAR

For this trip the 3 of us went with Roxy and Gerry (hubs’ cousin). It was our first time staying in Causeway Bay area, where we did Ikea shooping and just basically food trip the whole 3 days.



Ready for Oddies Night Wolf!
Dream play kitchen at Ikea
Street foods!
Just chillin’ in our hotel room



Hotel Pennington by Rhombus



Osaka, Japan

Oh, I love this trip! We’ve been to Osaka several times, but this is probably the most laidback. We stayed in Dotonbori area unlike our usual Swissotel Nankai and this meant a looot of food tripping! Weather was really nice and not too cold. Did a USJ daytrip and Sophie enjoyed it too.


Onboard the Rapi:t going to the city
Sophie was thrilled to meet Hello Kitty!


The Hogwarts castle
Posing like Glico Man


Sophie took this photo with our yakiniku


Cross Hotel Osaka



London, UK

We went with hubs’ family, and London is as gorgeous as the first time. It was his family’s first time here, so we went with the usual tours. It was also a perfect twinning moment for Sophie and I with Big Ben, since she was sleeping the last time we went in 2015, and haven’t got a decent shot. I just wished we were able to see a musical play in this trip. Looking forward to another London trip next year, crossing my fingers!


The Stonehenge
Our twinning moment with Big Ben!
Sophie with the Grans at St. George Chapel, Windsor
On board the London Eye
The Tower of London


Premier Inn Leicester Square

Z Hotel Picadilly


Scotland, UK

It was our first time in Scotland, and I wasn’t too prepared for the cold! The tourist spots were far, but it has gorgeous landscapes everywhere.

When in Scotland, wear Scottish hat!
With Nhessie, the Loch Ness monster
Overlooking the Loch Ness
Sophie and the Grans at Edinburgh Castle



 Premier Inn Princes Street Edinburgh


Hongkong, SAR

Almost immediately after we returned from UK, we jetsetted off to HK again! It was hubs’ birthday, and the little one wanted to spend it in Disneyland. And my in-laws wanted to go shopping, so its a win-win trip for all of us!

All of Sophie’s favorite colors
Princess Belle and Princess Sophie
The birthday boy!
Twinning with our PJs
My not so little baby girl!


Marco Polo Gateway

Hongkong Disneyland Hotel


Cebu, Ph

Yearly since 2010, I make it a point for my own family to travel, be it foreign or local. My parents are getting old, and I want them to go see places while they still can. This year we went to Cebu. The last time we were here I was only about 6 years old, and they were not able to tour around. It was a nice bonding trip with their grandchild. Our last day was Tatay’s birthday, so this trip was also a treat for him.

Family shot at Magellan’s Cross
Enjoying the pool! Its summer time!
Celebrating Tatay’s 74th birthday in Seafood Island


Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan Cebu



Jeju, Korea

We had a guided tour from our travel partner who arranged the whole trip. Jeju was a complete opposite of Seoul, very laidback and had few interesting places to see, but all equally beautiful in their own ways.

The Sunrise Peak at Jeju
Our Korean pose!
Touching a Dal Hareubang’s nose for fertility
Sophie enjoying the Hello Kitty World Jeju


For Jeju tour arrangements, contact:

RJCZ Travel and Tours

+632.855.2724 / +632.855.2764


Baguio, Ph

We go up to Baguio every now and then to chill, have a massage at North Haven and buy tasty breads from The Manor. And thats exactly what we did. And yeah, we also “break-in” the 2 Porsches.

Lunchtime at Hillstop, Baguio
Pine trees and fresh air in Baguio


Le Monet Hotel



Anvaya Cove, Ph

I think we missed Anvaya Cove, hence the trip. Since my in-laws are lot owners and members of this exclusive resort, we can drop by anytime we needed a little getaway from Manila.

Enjoying the beach before sunset
Pool time at Anvaya Cove
Selfie while tending to Sophie at the kiiddie pool
Sophie enjoying a sunblock lather from daddy


Anvaya Cove


Amanpulo, Ph

WOW. When I was younger, it was my absolute dream to go here. And that dream was realized this year. What a beautiful island! No wonder not anyone can go here. Exclusivity sure comes with a hefty tag but, it was definitely worth every cent.

Sophie enjoying the Amapulo sands
Pristine waters and beach at Amanpulo
The perfect beach!




Sepang, Malaysia

I mentioned before that my hubs and his sister bought their Porsche Macans, and were invited to Porsche Driving Experience in Sepang. It was a whole day driving and racing experience for them, learning how to use their cars to their maximum potential. While I, on the other hand, lounged at the trackside and had outlet shopping while waiting for them. Win-win trip!

I was so hungry before this and thought everything Papa Rich was delicious!
These 2 are ready to race them all!
Hubs loved this awesome car!


Sama Sama Hotel



Hongkong, SAR

We took a break from travelling by June and July, as the little one started her school. Come August, we’re on a roll again! It was my birthday month, and I’d like to treat the little girl again to her favorite, Disneyland. It was also our first time checking in to the Disney Explorers Hotel, the newest hotel there.

First timer in Disney Explorers Lodge
Sophie’s happiest place!
Ready for the pool!
Sophie trying not to look scared onboard the cable car
Pool time!


Disney Explorers Lodge



Guam, USA

We spent our anniversary here this year! This was our first time and had the lowest expectation for this trip. But looking back, I miss Guam. We stayed for 4 full days, waking up late, swim, shop, drive around and just food trip all the way. It was so laid back I wanna do it all over again.

We love Jamaican Grill!
13 years and counting with my ❤️
Enjoying our time at Outrigger Resort
Enjoying the sun and sand
Window shopping in Guam
Sweet tooth fix!



Outrigger Resort Guam



California, USA

I’ve been looking forward to this trip! We toured San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and a sidetrip to Grand Canyon in Arizona and San Diego. We were able to spend time again with our Ninong Noel, who lives in SFO. It was our first time in Vegas and hubs drove going to and from LA. Sophie also spent her 4th birthday while touring.

The three of us at the Golden Gate Bridge
With my favorite girl at the Golden Gate Bridge
Hubs and I with the Yosemite Falls
What a big broken rock! in Yosemite Valley
Having fun at Yosemite Valley
The hubs missed the Pampas Grill!
The Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory
Universal Studios Hollywood
The whole gang in Las Vegas
The Grand Canyon in Arizona
San Diego Zoo
My birthday girl!
Sophie having a blast on her birthday!


SFO – The Wharf Inn

LA – Residence Inn Beverly Hills

Las Vegas – Bellagio



Tokyo, Japan

We wanted to make the most of Sophie’s mid year break, but we’re on a budget, so we gathered all our miles for this Tokyo trip. We stayed in a budget hotel in Shibuya. We just stayed a lot in Shibuya area and food trip a bit there and in Tsukiji market. On our last night we stayed in Disneyland and spent the day in Disney Sea.

We arrived in Shibuya on Hachiko’s birthday, coincidentally.
Sophie posing in Ginza street
Spent some time in the beautiful Yoyogi Park
Yummiest yakiniku in Kanteki restaurant, Shibuya
Hubs getting his giant oyster fix
We’re in Disney Sea!
Our little princess in her alcove bed


Shibuya Tobu Tokyo Hotel

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel




Okay. So this overnight trip is totally unplanned. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to spend anymore since I’m basicaly broke but we only need a few thousand miles and we’re Elite members already. Weighing the benefits of Elite member for a whole year versus our overnight expenses, plus I imagined Sophie swimming in MBS infinity pool, we then went for it.

Marina Bay Sands at night
The Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay
Sophie enjoying the kiddie pool!
MBS infinity pool



Marina Bay Sands


To follow:

Amanpulo in December



My travel agent:

RJCZ Travel and Tours

+632.855.2724 / +632.855.2764