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May 2021

See you soon

Our little Bella at 21 weeks, see you soon baby girl 😘

George & Vladimir

It was barely two weeks ago when we welcomed these 2 furbabies at home, George the British Shorthair (5 months old), and Vladimir the Russian Blue (7 months old). They are expensive cats, and we wouldn’t be able to get them if we were not given a good price. 😅 We named them after their bloodline 😉 Since then Sophie cannot seem to stop playing with them, esp. George! She’s growing up to be an animal lover like me, which is good of course. Jolo, on the other hand, doesn’t give them a care in the world.

We bought them a cat condo, but they still prefer to be in the cage. George is the outgoing one and Vladi is so reserved. I know they will warm up soon, Sophie keeps letting them out to the den to play with them.

Georgy and Vladi, lets have amazing years together with the kids, shall we? 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

Sophie loves George!
Finding Vladi

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