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June 2015

First Run

Today marked a first in the history of my existence. I joined a 5k run! πŸ‘πŸΌ Never thought it was possible, since I despise running or any sporty activity of sorts. It was difficult not having any practice or exercise for the past 3 years or so. It was more of a walking than running, since my goal is to just finish, whatever means it maybe. 😁 But its difficult just the same. I finished in an hour and I was satisfied with myself, I was tired and sweaty but I did not regret it. πŸ’ͺ🏼

I hope I can join more runs in the future. Thumbs up to my sister’s friend Cy for staying behind to accompany me throughout the run. 

Li-Ning Manila Run 2015 – 5k Finisher

Now Coloring: Color Me Doodle

I came across these coloring sheets called Color Me Doodle in Instagram and decided to try it out. I was never fond of coloring or any artsy stuff in my childhood years, but somehow now I’m beginning to (talk about late bloomer). Anyways, these 10 sheets are designed for adults and will really bring out the creativity of colors in you. A lot would say that coloring relieves stress, but personally, I just enjoy doing it. Also, it was fun picking out color pens in a bookstore and after a couple of sets (Maped and Stabilo), I settled for Faber Castell with its variety of colors (60 colors) for just 699 (I think). 

Some of the sheets that I finished coloring (my favorite is the cat). I guess I have a flair for coloring, after all. 😁

Color Me Doodle (for shipping only); contact Mark Dean Lim – / @colormedoodle


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