Life Journal


September 2012

Double kill

…Tonight with LSG in Malaysia on November 2 and Indonesia on November 4.
I will succumb to major depression and wallow in self pity after these dates.. >.<


News of Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Malaysia on November 2, 2012 was just announced.
Due to a certain circumstance I don’t think I’d be able to go this time. How depressing.. 😦

8 Years

Imagine 8 years. He gave me everything, and he’s everything to me.
I love him with all that I am, from 8 years and beyond.

Til I drop

I’ve been to Citygate outlet yesterday and wished more than ever that very moment that I had unlimited credit line. Coach outlet is such a winner! I could have sworn I have bought everything I laid my eyes on, had it not been for the time constraint and a very limited budget. I swear I’d be one poor vagabond if I live in Hongkong! 😦

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