Life Journal


July 2020

Plantita I

Since the start of the community quarantine, I lost a day job. I still go to the office every now and then, but most of the time I’m just home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bored! With 2 kids hanging around there’s no time to be bored how I wish!

They say during the quarantine you become either two things, a cook or baker, or a plant lover. I think I became a plant lover, plantita, plantmama, whatever way you call it. I’m so used to taking care of another being, I guess, I added the plants to care for, and check everyday.

The plants are so beautiful! I did not even give a fig about them before, but looking at them now make me feel so good. I feel happy when I see another new leaf, or when a flower blooms. Plus they make the house more lively, more vibrant, you know?

Showing off the indoor plants I collected so far. Hoping for more to come soon! Plus did I say that most of these are great air purifiers? 🌿

Fiddle leaf fig
Snake and Peace lily
Selloum and Janet Craig
Money tree
Calathea Lutea
Cactuses and Jade
These Caladiums suddenly grew and multiplied in the yard!

I lost a stray cat today

I remember him as an elusive kitten outside the gate waiting for food. Whenever I went out every so often to give him and the rest of the strays some leftovers, he has never left since. He grew as a handsome orange cat. He was Ciao’s favorite.

Over time he got into fights with another male cat. He has since became skinny and injured. I saw him last night lying on the door mat having a hard time breathing. I knew very well his condition, cats who breathe like that won’t make it long. I was right, he was found dead today.

Who are you saving, dear cat? Cats and other animals one feed and care for are most likely saving their owners from harm, they get sick and die first. So thank you, orange cat. Play happily at the rainbow bridge.

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