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March 2013

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Happiest 28th birthday to my one and only tabachoi! I love you forever! ♥

Prada outlet experience

Prada has been on my wishlist for a very long time. Their classy and sophisticated bags never go out of style, and the price range is reasonable enough for a quality, branded leather bag. I personally think that a Prada leather bag is more valuable than a coated canvass Louis Vuitton, both at the same price range.
Our experience at the Prada outlet store in Ap Lei Chau, Hongkong was superb. Prices were slashed in half against the normal Prada store in Harbour City. These are off-season models, as the saleslady explained. They offer bags, shoes, clothes for men and women, and some Miu Miu items as well.
The location of the outlet is a bit far off the city, it is located in a residential area. It is best to travel by taxi which normally costs around hkd150, and make sure to have someone write down the Chinese translation of the address, for taxi drivers. The only problem we had was going back to the city, we waited for about 15-20 mins as the taxis were refusing us because either its not their area of duty anymore or simply because it was far.
My first Prada bag, a Vit Daino Caffe covertible tote calf leather bag. A normal Prada bag sells for hkd 13,950 in Harbour City or approx. php 77,402. This is such a steal for hkd 8,700, or approx. php 45,774.


February Month in Photos

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