I have a draft for my 2022 rundown which I didn’t get to post. But to make it short, it was a year of hope and gratitude for me🙂 I can see my 1 year old Bella is a neurotypical child, and I am thankful Sophie has another sibling to help take care of their brother with special needs. Bella was baptized, Sophie had her first communion. Jolo started OT and ST therapies again after ending ABA therapy. We travelled to Boracay and El Nido. The kids celebrated their 1st, 4th and 9th birthdays in one day. And before I knew it, 2022 ended. It was that fast. 🥹

Aaand now, its May. 2023. Already 5 months into the new year! Whew. Few more months and we’re putting up the Christmas tree again.🙏

4 meaningful months has already passed. January, I had a minor surgery to help me with adeno pain. February, we travelled to Hongkong again after 4 years! March, we went to Singapore. How we missed travelling the most! By April, Sophia started tennis and dance lessons. She’s loving these classes btw. Bella is growing up fast, probably my smartest, and definitely my naughtiest kid! My boy Jolo, he has improvements and regresses, but we plan on enrolling him to preschool this year.

As for me I started with gym this year. I’m not expecting too much, I just want to live longer 😅 for my kids of course. I personally chose to stay beside my kids during their formative years. Life is fleeting. Work can wait. As for hubby, he’s been busy with the biz, working tirelessly. Which is good for us, I guess 😂

This month I am waiting for Seung Gi’s concert (again so soon? why, yes!) A theater play before the year ends, and a couple more travels🤞🏼

Believe me when I say I have my share of ups and downs that some people cannot see, fighting my battles every single day. But I am manifesting this year will be a great year of abundance, good health and sound mind, above all. Lets keep on rolling, 2023!