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June 2013

My Engagement



I was utterly surprised when he said that we would buy my engagement ring before we get onboard the Star Pisces. We already have plans of having our wedding by December, and I never thought I would get engaged beforehand. My ring ended up to be an unbelievably lovely and equally expensive Forevermark by De Beers! The cruise was really nice, too.. An experience for us first timers. Today and everyday, I felt so blessed in so many ways. 🙂

CRaVe Treats

IMG_0251     IMG_0219    IMG_0218 IMG_0217    IMG_0216   IMG_0210       IMG_0242

Treating my 6-year old car to chrome accessories and a new head unit. 🙂

  • Door handle
  • Fog light
  • Head light
  • Tailgate handle
  • Tail lights
  • AVT Head Unit

Plus interior and exterior detailing and engine wash, and voila! He looked like brand new! My Lovecar 🙂

LSG (Might)Return

Over the past few weeks, Faith & D Entertainment (who brought LSG to SG) were giving hints of his possible comeback to SG. How I wish they could bring him sooner. In my situation, August would be the latest I can go. Beyond that, it would only be a wishful thinking going. 😦

May in Photos

IMG_0222 IMG_0212 20130503_171623_resized

IMG_0239 20130503_145404_resized IMG_0246

IMG_0257 IMG_0260 IMG_0261

IMG_0111 IMG_0249 IMG_0268

  1. Earlybird
  2. Selfie with the napper
  3. Balenciaga experience indeed
  4. Din Tai Fung’s pineapple cake
  5. Tabs’ favorite Spaghetti House
  6. Bono gelato-ing
  7. Voted!
  8. Its back.. Amaaa-zing Aloha
  9. Last day at Seoul Manu
  10. Korea’s first timer
  11. My poor crave
  12. Me big fluffy babies

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