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May 2012

A child

And I will be whole again.

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Fan wish

LSG’s Budokan concert is so near.  A lot of japanese would surely be thrilled on June 1. Even Tryp is already there, posting various merchandises.. making fans like me who couldn’t go cringe with envy.

This is not the first time I wish I had a US Visa. 😦

I wish he will hold another concert again in December! Seoul is so much easier to reach than Japan. 🙂


I feel groggy and a bit out of myself. Maybe because I slept real late and felt it wasn’t enough. Yesterday was kind of a rush, what with our luch meeting ending late (around 2pm), and me doing our stupid payroll. I mean not the payroll itself is stupid. I love payroll. Everybody does. Its just that SBA has its own system and I was always having a hard time getting it right. The system is supposed to make the process easier for the maker. But what an irony. I have to input all the government contributions for every single almost 200 employees, when its job is supposed to autocompute.  If I use autocompute then employees end up not getting its exact amount. Either 20-50 pesos higher or lower. I’ve been asking myself, WHY oh why did we have to convert into SBA. I’ve been doing BDO for the past 3 yrs and I could finish it in an hour. Now I’m doing it for the WHOLE day. Before it was two days. I tried talking them into using  Metrobank, they have this Paycard which I just distribute to the staff with its corresponding amount. They don’t even have to enroll because it would be named under the company. It was that easy. Or BPI, since its our official partner bank already, and we are enrolled in Elink. I know its just as easy as BDO. SBA is not even a known bank. I searched for its branches and they have about one in every city? One in every friggin city! That means everytime an employee withdraws in a different ATM it will cost them 11 pesos and 1.50 for an inquiry. Some are already complaining, and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for them. It is a bit too much for a rank and file employee. Now even their application process is already annoying. One personnel kept on bugging me for several days now because we still haven’t submitted the received copy of the employees. Strict, eh? Even BDO did not let me do this shit. Worst part is, only I knew how to use it. I couldn’t even teach anyone because its too complicated. Now why did I have to put up with all these again? Oh right of course I knew the answer. But please, make the one year contract a lil bit faster! Off to finishing this within the day!

Do dogs really sunbathe?



My Chin apparently loved it. I discovered this weeks ago. Even Ate Nora says she does this every morning. I asked what she was doing sunbathing under the sun (1st pic), when she IS supposed to be a chow and loved cold. As you can see, she just simply ignored me. (2nd pic)

Meeting With BPI and Caltex

Turned into a Corona case discussion.. 🙂

I’m a bit uneasy about my future task. Monitoring daily balance to secure successful bank debit. I definitely need a back up once I’m out of town/country.



After years of wearing anything I wanted to at work..

I have to wear these. Soon.


Piles of work today. Reports to check. A meeting. Errands. And oh.


Definitely not one of those petiks days. 😦

On the good note, dinner and MIB3 later with tabs. 🙂

King Lee Jae Ha, you’ll be missed!

Just finished watching my first kdrama of the year, The King 2 Hearts.  Main reason for watching this drama, my favorite guy is in it. LEE SEUNG GI. Story of a South Korean King Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) falling in love with a female North Korean Special Force Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won). Plot is a bit ambitious, with 2 Koreas joining training together, reunification at the end due to North-South marriage. At first I couldn’t understand why the ratings continue to drop week after week. It had a promising story. Actors acting were splendid. It just sucked to have the same timeslot as the Rooftop Prince and Equator Man. I have seen RP’s first episode and thought it was good, until 4 Joseon guys appear at modern time at the end. What the?  And I haven’t any slight interest on watching even a single episode of EM. UTW was in it. Period. I must admit though, some of K2H scenes were a bit dragging. And it was not exactly the type of storyline I was hoping for.  But still. The acting. It lived above my expectations. Of course most were veteran actors. And LSG! God how did you become so good. Hoping he could catch some awards later this year. It was not an easy character, I mean, he IS THE King! It was indeed an excellent stepping stone for more challenging roles to come! Bogoshipeo Jeonha! and Congratulations for an excellent drama!

PS. I took this DD poster photo at Incheon Intl Airport on my visit last spring.^^

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