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February 2013


I was shocked when I read about Eun Jiwon’s divorce with his wife of two years. They’ve been together for ten years before getting married in 2010 in Hawaii. She was his first love. I remember how genuinely happy he was in 1N2D when he announced he’s getting married, and how he sheepishly proposed his love in front of the camera. I know they’ve been trying to have a child, but seems its a bit far fetched now.
They separated August last year, but only made the announcement today. They said this is to protect the privacy of his non-celebrity wife. Though he’s a celebrity, and they say celebrity marriages don’t last, he’s a person, too. Separations are very difficult. This must be very hard on him. I wonder what happened that they decided to go their separate ways. I truly feel sorry and sad about this time of their lives and sincerely wish for each other’s own happiness down the line. 😦

Q. Define serious shopping?




a. Rolex Lady Datejust
b. Prada Vit Daino
c. Louis Vuitton belt

A. All of the above!^^


I am a cat-lover for as long as I can remember. Growing up, our house was full of stray cats. My mother would always bring home a cat or two she found somewhere and took pity on. At one point we had 27 cats, that’s the most I can remember. She’s still picking up strays from streets until now, whenever I come home she still has over a dozen cats. It can get really crazy esp. during meal time. Of course I have my share of favorites. Like humans, cats have different personalities, too. Some are snob, some are cuddly, some are indifferent. As different as they are, I love them all. I instantly feel good whenever I see one. My instinct of feeding them and protecting them is very strong, and I feel bad and say my sorries If I don’t have any food. Now I make it a point to always bring a container of cat food because I always find cats everywhere! I may not be an active animal supporter but I have my share of helping, in my own little ways.

Even though cats are usually street smart, they can be objects of bullying and injustice sometimes. I have seen numerous scenarios of cats’ sufferings, even deaths. Even though I shouldn’t feel too affected anymore, I still can’t help feeling depressed whenever I lose a cat, or see a suffering or dying stray cat. I lost a favorite cat in a car accident in 2006 and I mourned for a very long time. I still think about him sometimes, maybe he became an angel after death and was looking over me and my family already. I know just like everything in this world, cats are here for temporary. Maybe just like humans, they have a mission to accomplish, too. To love us and be loved back. And so it makes me really furious to see a suffering stray cat, esp. those being played on. Today I’ve seen a sick kitten walking in the middle of a street island. I was driving when I saw it in my side mirror, and my heart breaks at the sight of the poor little cat, which thankfully somehow, won’t live long to suffer anymore. How it ended up in the middle of the road, I’m blaming on the cold-hearted humans.

I feel my life is blessed because I love cats, and care for them dearly. Just like in the movie, I always dream of having a home for all stray cats I can find. Maybe when I grow old, my house will be filled with big, cuddly and playing cats. I can picture it in my mind, lying in a hammock or a rocking chair surrounded by my cats, and I will be happy and content. 🙂

Baguio Chill again

For The Manor’s breads (chocolate marble!), Good Shepherd and the cold, how I wish Baguio is closer to Manila! Chillin’ at 16c on our overnight stay.. 🙂

January in Photos

IMG_0915 IMG_0898 IMG_0876

IMG_0872 IMG_0867 IMG_2202

IMG_0868 IMG_0864 IMG_2206

  1. First time baking
  2. Sick and #Beats-ing
  3. Arm candies party
  4. Fresh bamboo #reeddiffuser
  5. Washroom Saying
  6. Lunch over water
  7. Last Christmas tree pic hurrah
  8. Vanilla & Sugarcane #zen-like
  9. Waterfalls


I woke up to a bad headache. I almost did not feel the week went by, as I was working til Saturday swamped with back to back meetings and errands. I was so stressed that my lower back is constantly in pain, and now I’m having symptoms of IBS – bloating, diarrhea, discomfort, even reflux. Where have all the better days gone? 😦

December in Photos

IMG_1684 IMG_1877 IMG_0751 IMG_0717

IMG_0861  IMG_0817 IMG_0838

IMG_0858 IMG_0860 IMG_0699 IMG_0781

IMG_0784 IMG_0718 IMG_0815 IMG_2069 

IMG_0857 IMG_0804

IMG_0827 IMG_1876

Too many good things happened in the last hurrah of the year! What an amazing month indeed.

  1. St. James the Great AAV
  2. Shangri-La Kowloon
  3. Camwhoring at the washroom
  4. Melo’s
  5. Sonja’s
  6. Busy shopping
  7. L’occitane lot
  8. Sissy’s marshmallow melt
  9. Mine’s banoffee pie
  10. The best potato soup in town
  11. Smokey eyes
  12. #Bored #Showing off #TagHeuerCarerra
  13. Anywhere  faster than this?
  14. Airport bums
  15. Mudpie ice cream lollies
  16. The Shangri-La Scent
  17. Something fancy #StTropez
  18. Smile boy!

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