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Too many good things happened in the last hurrah of the year! What an amazing month indeed.

  1. St. James the Great AAV
  2. Shangri-La Kowloon
  3. Camwhoring at the washroom
  4. Melo’s
  5. Sonja’s
  6. Busy shopping
  7. L’occitane lot
  8. Sissy’s marshmallow melt
  9. Mine’s banoffee pie
  10. The best potato soup in town
  11. Smokey eyes
  12. #Bored #Showing off #TagHeuerCarerra
  13. Anywhere  faster than this?
  14. Airport bums
  15. Mudpie ice cream lollies
  16. The Shangri-La Scent
  17. Something fancy #StTropez
  18. Smile boy!