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May 2013

Wistful Thinking

Now that I’m having a child of my own, I can’t help but wonder what kind of life I would provide him. I do not want to say I will not spoil him, because I know deep down I would. My parents were not wealthy, but my sister and I had the best childhood. And we were not even spoiled. Life was too simple then. Couldn’t help smiling wistfully whenever I reminisce about my childhood memories. They were the best times of my life. I hope my child (or children) will have the same great memories for them to look back to.

Cursillo Houses
– back then, cursillos were popular. Ate and I tagged with our parents along whenever they were appointed as “Rectors”. There were cursillo houses in Caloocan, Mambungan Rizal and Cabuyao Laguna. We would always play hide and seek and peeked at the classes to see what they were doing because they all seemed so mysterious. Like in a cult or something. We even memorized most of the religious songs.

Guagua, Pampanga
– our landlord before, Lolo Mac, was in good terms with our parents, and he always tagged our family along when they go home, esp during holy week. I had memories of eating halo halo or mix mix, eating atis, doing sampaguita sticks decorations for the float, night processions, sightings of penitence, my first experience of earthquake, lahar surroundings when travelling. At one time we went there with campaign materials for Neptali Gonzales, for the ’92 election.

– this is the place dear to my heart. Ate and I used to have skating lessons here, when there was still a big globe surrounded by a skating rink. We would close the store early, ride in Tatay’s new owner-type jeep, and head to Luneta, for our rest and relaxation. We would buy ice cream in cups and simply enjoy the rest of the night. Those nights were irreplaceable.

– my father’s relatives live here, and every summer Ate and I would stay here. We would drop by Pizza Hut along the way and I would eat 4 slices. We were spoiled by too many delicious foods esp ginisang monggo and daing na bangus. We would buy junk foods and have picnic at the nearby field with our younger cousins. We screamed for Gwapings and UMD whenever they come out on TV.

Store #2
– there was a summer when Ate and I didn’t go anywhere, we were stuck at home tending to our 2nd store. We listened to oldies music, ate Serg’s bar and dreamed of our future businesses. Mine was an ice cream parlor and hers was a burger house. It was probably one of the best summers I had.

National Book Store
– I love NBS when I was a kid! I was addicted to Sweet Valley Twins and Archie’s Comics, and whenever Nanay and I go to Uniwide Crossing, I would make sure we would stop by at NBS to buy a book, or two when its sale.

SM Megamall
– I remember going here with Ate esp during sale, we would spend all our budget buying whatever at Gift Gate, WWF magazines at Mag-Net, scream our heads off whenever Quit Playing Games with My Heart MV goes on the Ad TVs.

Tulay, Guadalupe
– Vemizon for our school supplies, Booksale for WWF/Bop/Big Bopper/Seventeen magazines, McDonalds quarter pounder meal that Ate and I would share.

These were just some of the places and memories planted in my head. They were too many to mention, and I know time will come when I’d grow old and maybe forget about these in my head, but forever be embedded in my heart. What I would give to turn back time and experience even just a day of these once more.

April in Photos

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