My heart skipped a beat when I learned that Chin couldn’t walk for 2 days now. The maid said Chin was dragging her hind legs when she goes out to pee or poop, and they have to carry her back. I went outside to check on her, (which I seldom do now) and she was just lying on the ground. She responded when I talked to her, but quickly turned her head away. She wasn’t also eating.
I know chows are prone to arthritis, and she maybe suffering from one. She has also skin allergies all over her body, maybe from the heat because they’re just outside 24/7.
I truly feel sorry for her. I hate to think that we neglected her and Ciao since Sophie arrived. But its the truth, and just thinking about losing her saddens me. We have her for almost 5 years now, Ciao for almost 7 years.
I hope its not yet too late to have her cured. Chin is a sweet dog, and I love her still, maybe not the way it was before, but I still do. I hope she feels she’s still loved. 😥