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November 2014

Why do all good things

.. come to an end? Or is it just the start of something better, and greater? πŸ˜”

Sophie’s 1st Birthday Music Video

Kudos to JV All Events for capturing Sophie’s big day in a 3-minute video. Such great service at an unbeatable price. I will surely get their services again in my future events.

Happy birthday Sophie! ❀️😘

Check out Sophie’s music video below.

What if I..

When people say “I don’t have any regrets in my life”, I don’t believe them. We can’t always have everything that we want, even if you’re the wealthiest or the most powerful, or the smartest, or the prettiest, somehow, there must be something that is missing, or something that you regret, even for once, in your life.

Maybe in this lifetime, this will be my biggest regret. But honestly, with my life right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Its just that sometimes, I caught myself thinking, what if really I..


Always be my baby

I can’t get enough of Sophie turning 1 already. Seems just like yesterday when I first held her in my arms. Now she’s very makulit and malikot, always wants to get off the bed, walk or just simply wants to explore things and make a mess. Next thing I know, she’ll be a terrible two! Time flies so fast, but one thing is for certain, no matter how old she gets and big she becomes, she will always be my little baby!

Here’s Sophie’s first 11 months. 😘



Breastfeeding at 1 year

We celebrated Sophie’s first birthday almost 2 weeks ago, and when I think about it, I should also celebrate the next big thing to her birthday. It is also my first year of breastfeeding her! πŸ‘

She is one smart baby, because she knows whats best for her. From birth up to now, she refuses to drink from a bottle (even breastmilk) and formula. Good thing she eats a lot now, but she still needs mommy during her sleeptime, especially at night.

I get teary eyed just thinking about my breastfeeding journey, with just a little support system, I wasn’t sure if I can do it again next time. But thank God for breastmilk, Sophie is one healthy baby! She may not be fat, but she has a lean and strong body. She rarely gets sick. She is also very very smart. Also, it serves as our bonding time, especially when she needs comfort.

I’m not sure for how long I can breastfeed, maybe for as long as she needs me. It maybe a long and difficult journey, but I know it will be worth it in the end. πŸ˜…

Here I am breastfeeding Sophie onboard the Shinkansen. Strike anytime, anywhere. 😊


Sophie’s 1st Birthday

Hands down, I wanted to make this birthday really special and memorable, while keeping it simple. Sophie is our firstborn and I wanted to create memories in photos for her to look back to when she gets older.

The thing is, I do not know a lot of kids, neither does Tabs. We only know a couple or two who will surely attend, so for sure its not gonna be a children’s party. So I just thought, why not do the party in a playground like Active Fun, they have function rooms where adults can eat and chat while Sophie plays and enjoys. And we did exactly just that.

Planning the party is fairly easy. We reserved the Fluffy room 3 months before the birthday. Fluffy can only accommodate up to 50 guests, because we plan to invite only our families and close friends.

Next, I thought of a theme. I considered Hello Kitty but went to have a Minnie Mouse theme instead because of her colors. Red, white and yellow sounds more fun than pink, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

I then looked for a cake maker that can create the cake and cupcakes I saw in Pinterest, but with an affordable rate. I found Rocio Bautista in Instagram (@cakefromusph), I was not too happy with the outcome of the cake, but for the price I paid (P5,500 top and bottom edible 3-tier) and the cute cupcakes (P50/pc) for giveaways, it was good enough.

Since the favors and lootbags need labeling, I ordered a stamper in Amazon ($21-ish) to just stamp sticker pads and stick to whatever needs labeling. This costs P2,500 here when I asked my embosser maker. It will only be used for this occasion and good thing Amazon has it cheaper.

For the lootbags, I just stashed additional chocolates and toys to the lootbags of Active Fun. For the game prizes, I bought red with white dots paper bags and filled them with chocolates and candies. I also bought 8″ wooden letter standees in Celebrations and diy them with red art paper and white round stickers to go with the Minnie theme. I placed these letters in the dessert section.

For Sophie’s outfit, my wedding gown maker, Jo Rubio, promised to create a birthday gown for Sophie for free, but we used it immediately for her photoshoot. So we just used the Burberry dress we bought for her in Dubai, and changed her to Minnie romper during her play time.

As for the invitation, Sophie’s Ninong Ralph is the best in Photoshop. He did the invitation layout and Tabs just made Facebook invites. Ralph also did the layout for the photobooth and backdrop of the stage.

As for the food, balloons and photobooth, they have to come from Active Fun because if I outsource from others, I need to pay a corkage of P2,000 each. On the day of the party itself, we were also charged for the photo and video corkage, because even though it was waived by Ms. Helen who was handling our account, she resigned days before the party, so we had no choice but to pay.

Ok, the most important supplier for this event is probably the photo and video. It only took me a good few minutes to research, inquire and book JV All Events. I’m not sure who can beat their P7,000 rate for photo and video. The rate was such a steal.

The party turned out to be just the way I wanted it. It was a simple celebration with our family, some friends and about 6 kids: dinner, a bit of games and playtime for Sophie. All were captured on camera by JV.

Happy birthday our little love, Sophie! Cheers to a beautiful life ahead! 😘

Here are some of my favorite shots from the party. 😊













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