After more than 2 years, we were thrilled to be travelling again via air!🥳 Though its just domestic travel, its the start of going back to normal, soon hopefully travelling the world again.🤞🏼

Our destination for this trip is the beach! We missed this place so much we could’ve gone here sooner, if not for the restrictions especially travelling with small kids.

We initially planned for a budget travel, since travelling for 6 persons for 4 days is no joke. We used our miles for the flights and booked hotel and transfers through Klook. At first I wanted to book a cheap hotel, but no beachfront property comes cheap. Thinking more about the kids, we finally settled for a beachfront resort with nice pools. We also tried newer and more expensive restos, so scrap the idea of budget travelling.😂 We’re on a holiday, and we’re here to enjoy!

Checking in (How was it over 2 years ago when 4 of us checked in for a flight? Now 1 person more🥰)
Jolo checking out the clouds. So behaved!
We had the coaster to ourselves! On the way to the jettyport
Onboard the pump boat, Jolo seriously thinking of jumping 😂
We’re in the island! Another transfer
Finally at the resort after multiple transfers 😅

Oh Boracay, you’re as beautiful as when I first laid eyes on you 15 years ago. How I missed your powder white sands and crystal waters. The kids had a blast, swimming all day at the beach and the resort’s 2 pools. It was Bella’s first beach experience, and Sophie and Jolo loved spending hours on the waters. Sophie even has her favorites here on the island, McDo located at the highway, and Jollibee, just beside the resort.

Bella loves her bed
Uh oh, who went straight to the pool?!
Sophie loves playing with sand
Poor Jolo, water was salty🥹
Water dad and babies🥰
Bella is a water baby too!
The boink fam 😍
Sleepy, Bella?
Sophie loves her cornrows
Ate and bunso
Jolo having the time of his life at the beach😍

We got more adventurous with food this time. We tried both local and international cuisines, Island Chicken Inasal (local roast chicken), Spicebird (peri-peri), Meze Wrap (kebab), Epic (Filipino food), Sea Breeze Cafe (buffet!), Aria (Italian), as well as desserts from Halomango (mango ice cream and shakes), Aria gelato, and Cafe del Sol cakes (Boracay cheesecake and tiramisu). Everything tasted amazing.

Best chicken inasal I’ve tasted💯 Island Chicken Inasal
Meze Wrap
Sea Breeze Cafe

Maybe the only worry I had with this trip would be travelling with a special kid. I was dreading the 1-hour flight and the multiple transfers, since Jolo hates waiting and might tantrum. But believe it or not, he was behaved all throughout! Its true they are not called special for no reason. He did not seem to enjoy it, but he was at his best behavior. I’m so proud of him!

We did not do any activities, aside from Sophie having her cornrows. We just wanted to enjoy the beach, and we sure did! Thank you Boracay for another core memories for the kids. It was well worth the long wait. Surely coming back to you again soon.

Bella and the sunset
The boink fam and the famous Boracay sunset