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November 2015

Bikram Yoga – a first timer

I have wanted to try yoga for a very long time. I haven’t been working out in several years, except the runs I have every now and then. When I was enrolled in Fitness First years ago, I would always peek at the yoga class and thought how gracious the participants were and how easy it looked. Maybe I can also try that at some point.

Recently I enrolled in KFIT, an online app of thousands of activities at hundreds of gyms/studios (Php 999/monthly). I scheduled for a Bikram Yoga class at the date and time I preferred, at a studio nearby home. Its how convenient this app is.

Before going to Evolve Yoga & Fitness in Alabang, I made known the things I would be needing. I bought my own yoga mat, brought 2 large towels (1 for use on top of the mat, and the other 1 for taking a bath), brought my own toiletries, water bottle and padlock (I forgot this, but they let me borrow). I ate a little and hydrated myself 2 hours before the class. I dressed into my dri-fits, I was nervous but I thought I was ready.

Before the class began, the 3 of us first timers were briefed by Coach Lorena the do’s and don’ts on the floor. No pressure if we can’t do the position or we can catch our breaths and just sit if we can take it anymore. At first I thought I was doing okay, but as the class went on I thought about quitting halfway into it. Bikram Yoga is typically 90 minutes and has 26 positions, and believe me, these dragged on. It felt like forever before we finish one position. It was a hot yoga (read: no ventilation whatsover), the room was stuffy and every pore in my body sweat like crazy, even my palms. I was dizzy and felt like throwing up at one point. I couldn’t follow when it got to the harder positions and suddenly had a bad chest cramp 70 minutes into the class. I whispered to Coach that I was having cramps, and she stretched my arm a bit and told me to lie down and rest. I rested for about 10 minutes but followed again to finish the rest of the class. It was by far, the most exhausting thing I have ever done in my life. 

I decided after the class that maybe yoga is not for me. Maybe its the stuffy room, or maybe because its my first time, but god I never expected it to be so difficult. I felt like I went there to punish myself. I’m not closing myself for a yoga in the future, but for now, I just can’t yet. ☹️

after my 90 minute Bikram Yoga

Sophie’s first trick or treat

While waiting for JV All Events official photos to arrive, I just have to post Sophie’s first trick or treat. We celebrated Sophie’s 2nd birthday in Jollibee a day before her actual birthday. Since we have nothing to do on her birthday, I signed her up for a Pumpkin Patch in Gymboree. I dressed her as Queen Elsa, complete with shoes and tiara. No scary costume for her coz she gets scared easily.

Sophie as Snow Queen Elsa

Before going out for trick or treat, the teachers prepared different activities for the kids like storytelling, making Frankenstein art, gymplay and prepared small snacks for the kids.

bubbles time!
mr frankenstein
small snack before trick or treating
The trick or treat was tiring, as we went all the way up to the fifth floor. I know Sophie got tired too, but everytime someone drops something in her pumpkin, her face lights up. Her pumpkin was loaded when we finished, and she was so happy with all the candies she received.


happy birthday girl!
We treated her after for a nice birthday dinner in Chili’s for a job well done. Happy birthday Sophie! ❤️

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