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August 2016

Weaning soon

As the days draw near, I can’t help feeling sentimental that my breastfeeding journey is coming to an end. As my husband and I are planning to have another little one soon, we have decided not to include Sophie on our upcoming trip overseas, so that she could wean too. I read somewhere that sudden weaning maybe traumatic for a child, but I think I have done more than enough, having been breastfeeding for nearly 3 years now. I would like to thank my tired and worn out breasts, for providing me not only a healthy and intelligent child, but also a special bond only Sophie and I share. In lieu of this, I plan on having a tattoo, to celebrate my tough and beautiful journey. ❤️ Until my next breastfeeding journey (hopefully), signing off soon. 

Three and a half decades

As I turned another year older a couple of days ago, I can’t help feeling anxious that the big 4-0 is not too far away. It will come, and it will be inevitable. As much as I wish I can go back to being 13 and that somehow a part of me still lives in the past, I know I’ve been given a good life, better even, than I can ever imagine. It is not perfect of course, and I may have a lot of regrets, but those are overshadowed by overflowing of blessings I receive continuously. Sometimes I think I’m not too worthy of them, and that other people are far more deserving than I am, but there must be something, some reasons.. I must have done something good and right in the past to deserve what I have today. Thankful beyond words. ❤️

08.18.16 celebrating with family

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