I was taking a break from doing the month-end payroll when one of my staff asked about the scratch on my car. I was like, what scratch? She replied, the long kind at the front. I immediately got outside to check what she was talking about. Sure enough, a wave-like scratch about the length of a ruler very visible at the front. I instantly got pissed and asked for the cctv playback. Like I expected, the front of my car was not visible on the camera because the post was blocking the view. Even though I’m not a very responsible driver I do care enough not to have scratches and dents, even if its minor. Couldn’t remember really if the scratch was there in the morning at the parking, but I think I would have noticed it before I got in, with its obvious visibility. The hell, if ever I did find out that the suspect was from my work, he’ll be dead. And I mean it.

On the lighter part, I did my very first baking! I had nothing to do and thought I had complete ingredients from my last grocery shopping. Can’t really say it tasted fabulous, but I think its good enough for a first timer!

Ta-daaaa! My first choco chip banana bread ♥

Choco chip banana bread