I was shocked when I read about Eun Jiwon’s divorce with his wife of two years. They’ve been together for ten years before getting married in 2010 in Hawaii. She was his first love. I remember how genuinely happy he was in 1N2D when he announced he’s getting married, and how he sheepishly proposed his love in front of the camera. I know they’ve been trying to have a child, but seems its a bit far fetched now.
They separated August last year, but only made the announcement today. They said this is to protect the privacy of his non-celebrity wife. Though he’s a celebrity, and they say celebrity marriages don’t last, he’s a person, too. Separations are very difficult. This must be very hard on him. I wonder what happened that they decided to go their separate ways. I truly feel sorry and sad about this time of their lives and sincerely wish for each other’s own happiness down the line. 😦