I just went to AMLA seminar of BSP last friday and right about now I’m going to Security Bank in Ayala  for Cebu Pacific’s new payment system. Earlier I replaced all UPS with Omni power strips.
I’m not yet done fixing the computers of our internet cafe since they could not connect to the main server and printer. I’m also monitoring the auto debit of BPI since we’re having problems of debiting on the same day, when our agreement is supposed to be on the next day. I have to ensure the availability of the amount to be debited from all fuel deliveries from yesterday.

I printed stuff on acetate for our Supreme court bidding. I have loads of Travel reports to check. I just penalized one cash custodian for not texting me of their bank pick up amount.  Now my staff is asking for the schedule of our month end inventory. And I forgot to drop off the prepaid cards I purchased from Greenhills yesterday. Plus its already payroll cutoff.

Yes, all these happened in one day.
And it wasn’t even a toxic day. So think about the day when I get really stressed. Sometimes I stop and contemplate what kind of position I’m in, really.