Couldn’t believe how Maroon 5’s concert for September 18 is running out of tickets already. I just read their status in Fb the other day promoting their show. Good thing I went to Ticketnet yesterday, otherwise maybe I would not be able to go. Initially I planned on purchasing Upper A reserve for 3,7k per ticket but it was full already. The lady offered the 7k+ Patron, because there were only 2 seats left but they weren’t even adjacent! So I ended up buying the Upper B free seating for 2,650 each instead. What the hell, are people buying in bulk? It wasn’t even 3 days when ticketing opened! And the concert is a good two and half months away. Don’t tell me they have to extend another night just like what Ne-Yo did way back. Why not Arena instead? Now, I have to come ahead of time to grab good seats! 🙂