I’ve been wanting to have a unit of my own since about 2 years ago. I’ve been meaning to inquire in Sea residences but I felt like I wasn’ t ready yet, financially. I don’t know, but I felt like living in a condominium made me feel some sort of independence. That I can do anything I wanted to, eat whatever and come home whenever I feel like it. And it actually happened for real when tabs and I lived in Richville for a year. It was a small unit, 20sqm suited for a student. It was actually for tabs, since he was the student. Initially I disliked the idea of going to and from work/house/condo. It was tiring, plus the traffic in Manila area was unbelievable. But after getting the hang of it, it was bearable.
When we left Richville a year later, I couldn’t explain the feeling, especially on the last day. I experienced an unexplained feeling of sadness, as in every kind of separation. I stared at our room memorizing every details. That small room brought a lot of memories for me. I still feel melancholic whenever I think about our room, and I know for sure when I pass by again I would feel mixed feelings, sad and happy at the same time.
Two months later, our new unit in Newport was finished. But of course it was not to our liking. Not our design, not our brands of appliances, not our stuff.. I don’t know how this is supposed to be mine and tabs’ pad. It was a 58sqm unit, big compared to our previous. But it got smaller when 2 rooms were made. Our room was unbelievably small. Just bed and closet. Even our storage room in pgv was larger than this. But I noticed how some of our stuff in Richville were brought here. The aircon, microwave, wall frames, even our free coke glasses. ^^
It does have a different feel. My first night was spent with 4 of us and without tabs. Somehow the feeling of freedom and independence were lost. This unit is suited for a family, not for a couple. Even tabs were dismayed that his parents feel that it was made for them more, not for him. He initially wanted it to be just a 1 bedroom, or 2 is okay as long as he can put his stuff in the other room. But turned out that he would not be able to even bring any of his stuff because there is no room for anything. It was too small and it was filled with space-unfriendly furnitures.
I’ve been dreaming to have a space of our own, the one we created and really belonged to us. I’ve been fascinated to have a room just like the Grand room of Marina Bay Sands. Ever since we stayed there I couldn’t get it off my mind. I wanted it to be just like a studio type so it would look spacious, with king sized bed, carpeted floor, hotel-like feel.
I was also surprised when a blessing was held and I guess some 20+ people were invited. We couldn’t all fit inside so some stayed and chatted outside, like tabs and his uncles. I wasn’t sure if it was really necessary to invite as many, to think this is a small condo, not a house.
I hope one day I would find myself choosing furnitures and appliances for a unit of our own, just like what I did in Richville. But hopefully not for temporary. It might not turn out to be the best, but at least its what we can call ours.