Dang I was such a klutz. I fell off a chair I was about to sit on in a packed eatery during lunch. I knew that the flooring was uneven, but when I was about to sit, the chair fell first and I couldn’t hold onto anything, so I fell in what I felt like a slow motion kind. My bum fell flat on a dusty floor. And the funny thing was, I couldn’t even stand! My staff, Irene held out her hand and another good lady held out hers. My right arse hurts it must’ve received the impact.
I currently have a heavy period just 2months after miscarriage so I guess thats why it hurts too. I think I fall down every once a year or so. Last year I slide after getting off Pajero and bum fell flat with me also having difficulty standing up. And it was about 2 or 3 years ago when I tripped on my sandals and fell off a sidewalk straight to the front of my car. It was hilarious. Oh well. Good thing I don’t worry too much about getting embarrassed. At least I’m still pretty after getting up. 😉