I was looking forward for the day this store would open in Manila. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand, famous overseas, think Forever 21 and H&M. I’ve seen several outlets when I went to Seoul and Shanghai. I even went inside their store in Lotte World and tried a couple of their earmuffs. Though I could tell they have good quality and cheap price, I did not end up buying anything. And I was not surprised at all when I saw their store construction in Moa a couple of months ago. I thought maybe they should open one here, just like F21 chain.
And now, a day after the grand opening I found myself standing at the end of the line, against a staff with a placard that says, “Waiting time : 50-80 minutes”. Normally, I don’t have the strength nor the patience to wait and stand that long, for just a clothing brand. But since I have free hours to kill until Nanay’s bday buffet this evening, I might as well get the best of my time and fall in line.
It indeed took me 60minutes to finally get inside. I don’t know about the others, but I think I should spend at least a couple thousands to make the most of standing and waiting for quite sometime.
I think Uniqlo is different from F21 in that they sell mostly different kinds of shirts. Polo shirts, character-inspired shirts, vintage/statement  shirts, plain tshirts, its like the basics kind of clothing concept. They have plain tees section. Pants, jeans and shorts section. They also have underwear and sleepwear. They even have blouses and dresses for ladies. Of course they have lots of basics for men and kids too. Different generations line up here, and prices are mostly affordable and could cater to the masses. F21 on the other hand, cater mostly to women and teeners, with its fashionable dresses and blouses. Though they also have men’s section, the choices are not as diverse and basic as Uniqlo. Prices are also, well, not really comparative to its quality. I’ve been wearing F21 since it first opened here, and now I think I found its alternative. Uniqlo, I think, is like a cheaper version of Marks & Spencer.
Almost 3 hrs and 12,370 pesos later, I exited the store, weary and poor. Yeah, you read it right. 12 friggin thousand. So much for a couple thousand I was estimating earlier. I had no problem with my card, since I have a huge credit line. The problem is how I’m going to pay for it once the statement arrives, hahahaha.

I’m the type who would rather estimate my size and pay for my items rather than waste another time queuing for the fitting rooms. As a result, only half of my purchases fitted me exactly. One shirt even has a small hole in it. So I guess I would end up going on another trip again tomorrow. Sighs. Hoping I could get in easily since these are only for exchange. And hoping I would not end up doing another shopping spree!

A glimpse of the Uniqlo line