Who in the world knew that this is going to happen? This was only a rumor a week ago, and hours earlier today, it was confirmed by the promoter. When I learned the exact date of the fanmeet I thought I was going to pass out. August 25 in Singapore. Nothing seemed so special about that date. But dig this. Back in February I booked an SG flight for my family on August 24-26. How.In.The.World.Did.That.Happen? I made my booking early this year, and now you’re telling me LSG is going to have a fanmeeting on the very same date? I was stunned when I learned the news. My mouth was literally hanging from disbelief. What a coincidence! What pure luck! I must have saved an entire country from my previous life. ^^ I really don’t mind spending again if the date didn’t fall on our trip. But of course having it on the same date is so much.. cheaper, and totally bewildering.

I immediately emailed the promoter and good thing they replied after a few hours. They sent me the ticket sale process, and I have to do telegraphic transfer again to have the Cat 1 seats, the most expensive and of course, the nearest seats. Don’t these guys ever knew how to use PayPal? Just when I thought SG is a modern country.. It seems I have to go through the same arduous process of telegraphic transfer like I did in his official fan club membership. Ok, I did not mean to complain. I really can’t have it all, can I?

But LSG in SG! Goodness, I’m still in a daze. I’ve been there several times, but this one I swear will be the most memorable trip to this country. My teenage hormones are killing me. Sooo excited to fangirl! Now please, do not cancel! 🙂