with Ximenia and Salt Scrub, Africa Scent

I was hesitant at first to buy this product, since 1,950 is a bit too costly for a body scrub. I was just looking around The Body Shop, looking for something to buy that will go well with several olive and shea soaps I previously bought. The saleslady suggested this one, since it was their bestseller, she said. I ended up buying, along with other hand cream and facial scrub. And whoa upon using this. Scrub is very rich, very compacted in its cute jar. I spread it generously, but it looked as if I only used a small amount. It has a gentle scent, and I can’t get enough smelling as I lather. It is too addicting, kinda like a mild perfume. This must be used when the skin is not yet wet, because the salt sort of melts along with water. I think this product will go a long way, too, so I guess the price is reasonable enough. Maybe this will last for a year, depending on the use. I use this just every weekends because it takes too much time when I scrub. And when I rinse, I feel as if I just put on lotion, kinda like the feeling when using Dove soap. My skin indeed feels rejuvenated and hydrated. One of my great finds this year. 🙂