I’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle for a couple of years now. I eat several times a day. I take my lunch at my desk after it was delivered to me. I even make it a point to bring anything I can munch on in between doing my tasks. I also drive, which lessened my walking. I’ve enrolled in gym but I just go whenever I feel like it, which is waay too seldom. I think the only exercise I make is the walk going to the parking.

Well, I have somehow harvested the fruits of my sedentary lifestyle. Last year, I had severe pain on my left foot arch which lasted for almost a year. I had it checked by an ortho, did weekly massages and reflexologies, took several pain killers, creams & warm compresses every night. When I got tired of doing all of the above I just stopped because although the pain was subsiding, it wasn’t disappearing. One day I just realized the pain was gone. It left, just like that, when I wasn’t expecting it.

Mid this year I had a miscarriage. Though the reason was unknown, I think maybe because I had poor health? Or poor chromosomes/hormones or something not normal. There must be something wrong with me.

Few months after that tough time here I am experiencing something out of the ordinary yet again. Lower left abdominal pain. This used to be a dull pain, but as weeks went by it got kind of intensed. Maybe around 5/10 on pain chart, not too much but enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I’m going to have this checked in a week or 2 if it persists. I am scared going to my ob-gyne and learning of harsh findings. I hope this time its nothing too serious.

When will I ever take the hint that these are all wake up calls to diet and exercise? 😦