I have a crucial job in the company, which is monitoring our online banking for various transactions daily. I’ve been noticing something lately though. Here’s the situation–
Philseven pays for the 50% electricity of the store. It doesn’t work automatically though, we have to submit the billing and computation, after which we would be reimbursed.

Now, we have taken over a new branch last year. The previous owner was sort of a brute, he was complained of sexual harrassment and was caught on cctv which was broadcasted over a local tv. Anyways, ever since we took over the outlet we have never received any share from them. The guy in charge for the crediting was on leave for a couple of months (seriously, what kind of company would allow this?) and we were able to contact him just recently. He insisted that it was already credited to our account. To cut it short, it was credited to the previous owner still. All almost 600k of it. Holy crap.

He said that he did not know it was of different management already. He was never informed. And we were already operating that site for over a year now. And they are supposed to be a multinational company. I know I’ve heard several stupid things before, but this one tops the list. It was outrageous.

I’m betting my ass that goon already ran away with the money. I know the amount would be reverted to us eventually. I wonder how in the world are they going to retrieve that amount. Give us the money and its not my problem anymore.