As of this writing, I’ve been standing for the Metrodeal line for the past hour. You see, I bought a very good deal from them, 3,699 instead of 7,920 for a Lower Box seat for the NKOTBSB concert for today, June 3. I was just browsing thru sites yesterday when I spotted this deal. I knew that BSB was coming but I’ve no idea when. So I was a bit startled when I realized that the concert is scheduled for today. I mean, so much for having time to decide, right? The ticket is not cheap, even for half its price. But early this morning I’ve finally convinced Tabs to watch, since you’ve no idea how I was a huge sucker for this boyband back in highschool. I just couldn’t let this one pass me by, even though its not their solo concert. I wasn’t really an NKOTB fan, I was too young when they got really popular. But I have an idea of their music and have seen some of their perfomances together on youtube, and I can say, they blend well.
Going back to Metrodeal, I think they haven’t prepared for this well enough. Their guys here said they are unsure what time the tickets would come. Now what irritates me right this moment is how come they’re here, and not the tickets? They’ve propped up chairs and their laptop outside and we’ve been waiting for an hour and half already. They keep on apologizing but thats not what we need. We need the friggin tickets. I can see Tabs sitting on the side, looking very tired and restless, since he still came after duty. We even planned earlier to watch a movie first, since theres supposed to be a good 4 hours before the concert starts at 8. I feel like I’m a diehard fan still, what with coming here more than 4 hours before the concert, you know the idol stalker highschooler kind of type, only I’m not here to stalk or get in backstage, I’m just here to claim the tickets. I’m getting restless, too. Standing for a while can get really tiring, and I’m having back problems if I get really tired. Now until what time are we going to wait? I guess we just have to wait and see. Even Tabs predicted earlier that Metrodeal could end up having a problem, since they’ve had similar complaints with their deals recently. Maybe thats the price I have to pay for the discount I got. To top it off, it kinda looks like rain. I’m not sure if I would deal this way again. 😦