You know the sentiments I had earlier with Metrodeal? It completely vanished when the concert started. We were given very good seats. To think that these seats costs half the price more, had I not purchased this deal. Anyway, this is my first time entering SM Arena, and if I’m not mistaken, NKOTBSB would be the second performers of this newly constructed dome. SM opened this just merely 2 weeks ago, with its construction going on 24/7 to meet its deadline: Lady Gaga’s concert. Anyway, I won’t go on how SM does its projects, but inside Arena, SM seems to be very obvious. It is a little high against its land area, with numerous seats, mass produced. Reminds me a lot of their condominiums. Unlike Araneta which is expansive. Anyway I think what impressed me most is the lighting. Or was it because the concert has good production? Honestly, I decided to come to this concert because I was a huge fan in highschool, thinking it would be regretful if I let this one pass by. I came to pay my respect, for old times sake. I used to love their music even though they’re generally stereotyped by many. And I still do. I still have all their albums on my iTunes and I listen to them every now and then. And so it was such a rush seeing them again. Him especially. Nicholas Gene Carter. Or just plain Nick Carter. The tall, blonde guy who made just about every teener’s hormones go out of their own system in the 90s, including myself. Seeing Nick again, somehow feels like its that decade again. That I’m 15 again, screaming, giggling, singing along to his songs out loud. Funny how Nick still has that effect on ladies, now mostly my age or older. He was very vibrant, very energetic, to the point that he seemed to have lost it. Haha, I guess thats really his performing style. The part where each of them has to pick one of the ladies in the audience drove us wild and envious. AJ and Brian both pick older women, Howie picked a fan with a placard that says “I ❤ u howie d. pick me”, and Nick, well, really took his time out choosing carefully. He came up on stage with a model-like body, Sam Pinto kind of face, and I was like, what the hell? How did he ever find this girl in this crowd? Pretty impressive. Sighs. And the way they serenaded the ladies with “I’ll never break your heart”, with his teasing face inches from hers, almost kissing her. Holy shit. He looked so damn good. Though he got fatter (hehe), with wrinkles visible on his face, but god, he still looked so good. I kept taking snaps of him, but darn how he always faces the other side (where he got the girl), so I’ve no really decent shot of him. The other guys were amazing as well, and sang most of their more popular songs. 10,000 Promises was one of the less popular song they sang, and I loved how beautiful and powerful their voices blended on the bridge part. Quit playing games, Shape of my heart and Incomplete were the songs I’ve anticipated the most and they performed it well. Their entrance song, Larger than life, were collaborated with NKOTB with a different mix. And I love The Call song! We got it goin, get  down, all i have to give, as long as you love me, drowning, show me the meaning of being lonely, i want it that way.. They did not missed out on their hits. And of course, Backstreet’s back for the encore. Same thing went for NKOTB, they sang their hits though I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for them, BSB clearly owned the house that night. I also made it a point to rest after BSB performed and its NKOTB’s turn. I liked a couple of their songs, but honestly, I just felt they’re too old for this kind of stage. Dancing like a boyband and showing off their bodies. They should be doing more laid back stuff, more vocals, less activity, in my opinion. I mean, they’re mid 40s right? Maybe they’re still trying to keep up with BSB. Jordan knight stood out of course. Wow that I’ll be loving you forever number. Anyway, I’ve no idea that this is the last leg of their Asian Tour. Maybe that’s why theres goofing at the end, conversing and joking with each other like they’re in a rehearsal studio. Last perf ended with too much confetti the scene was moving. Manila must be so lucky tonight. Wonder when would I see another night like this again. But one thing I’m sure, I swear, I have aged 15 years younger tonight. 🙂