I was a Passport member of Fitness First from October 2008 until about April 2011. From these almost 3 years of membership, I could only count the number of times I went to work out. I was that LAZY. To think that I was not even the one paying for it. I wasn’t that serious. There were several months when I never even had a single visit. July last year when I’ve thought of visiting again, I’ve no idea that my membership has been cut off. So there I was on my gym attire and the receptionist told me I was not a member anymore. I was little embarrassed when she told me it was already cut off as early as April. Fast forward to today, I’ve been meaning to inquire again. I get really lazy when it comes to working out, but I think I just needed some kind of a boost. I’ve thought about dieting and getting fit after my miscarriage. Being overweight could really cause abnormalities in pregnancy. I think I need to prepare my body first before becoming pregnant again. I was too fat, I may even be diabetic. After several weeks of debating whether to walk into the far side of MOA (haha), I finally mustered up my strength of walking (haha) and inquired. Alright, I have no idea that I still have a balance of around 6k+. The agent told me I was not able to pay for 3 mos from my previous membership. Tita was the one paying thru credit card debit. She must’ve cut our membership without informing FF. But oddly enough, FF was not able to inform us or me, that we have balance to settle. I came around July and they could’ve told me that we were 3 mos overdue thats why our membership was cutoff. I mean, I could’ve paid that early, right? Well, I have decided to sign up yet again, and luckily, the manager told me I just have to pay one month of the remaining balance (2,678), monthly fee of 2,890, admin fee of 1500 and joining fee 500. The admin and joining fee were supposed to be waived, had I not incurred any balance. Now I just have to monitor their monthly debits, if I learn that they will debit the remaining 2 mos of my balance which is not on our agreement, then I have every right to complain. I already have an id and I’m good to go anytime! God I need strong will and motivation. Just thinking about it makes me feel so tired. Yes, I am that lazy. 😛