Almost four years ago, I wasn’t really that keen to have you. Sure, the idea of having my very first own car excited me of some sort, just that I wasn’t really head over heels of having one then, unlike most people do. I must admit you were cute though, with your shoe-shaped body (quoting Tabs) and a very nice shade of red. You look small on the outside, but getting in feels like I’m in an average sedan. But I prefer your hatchback more. You were very easy to drive, very smooth and I’ve no problem getting in small gaps because of your size. You were fast, you could always keep up with my need for speed. We always raced with those wannabes, right? We even raced after traffic enforcers ^^. At times when I needed you, you never fail to save me and help me get home safely. Remember when we lived in Richville for a year? Lacson/Espana traffic, UST flood, roadworks, huge trucks.. we were able to surpass them all. You were amazing is an understatement. You are my best companion after Tabs. You made traveling easier for me. I can go whenever I want to after work or in weekends, or just want to get a midnight snack, and you always gladly accompany me. Lucky how we always find a slot even in a packed parking area, and of course we have no color coding thanks to our MD plate. Even Ciao, Chin and our cats already knew its us even before we finished parking. Sometimes, I’m thinking if it hurts you if I drive like a maniac, or are you enjoying it as well? A part of me says you like me driving like that. I’m sorry for my imperfection as a responsible driver, it caused you scratches and dents on the door, mags and especially on the base area. I couldn’t help it that you’re too low, thats why we always hit humps that are too high, which I know you also hate. For that, cheonmal shisuhamnida. You understand a bit of Korean, right? I’ve always played Korean cds on your dashboard, which I’m not sure if you like. You have probably gotten used to it, since theres load more in your front pocket. I’m sorry too for all the mess inside especially in the trunk. You know very well how disorganized and lazy person I am. But whenever I find energy, I clean you, right? I even make it a point to have a carwash with wax monthly. And thats not just in any carwash places, only in malls, right? I love it how you look like brand new every time you’re done. Like when I first met you. Shining and sparkling. Wanting me to drive you again and again.

Writing about you tears me up, and I would surely be dreading the day when we finally have to part. I miss you already even though you’re still with me, and I always tell you how much I thank you for taking care of me through these years every night. I never thought letting you go would be this hard and painful. Like losing a part of myself. But you will continue to be a good car like you always were, right? I trust you to take care of my family once you belong to them. Always take them home safe and sound, like what you have always done for me. I hope you will still remember me and feel my presence every time I drop by to see you. I love you Jazztin. And I’m sure as hell would be missing you like crazy.