I’m kinda embarrassed to say I had my first tattoo at 40 years old. It was in my bucketlist for years, but I was searching for the right design, and it did not materialize until now.

It was a simple one, but full of meaning for me. A happy and worry-free boy looking up at his red balloon, with no worries for the future. I know this boy. I have high hopes for him.

I would like my future self to look back at this season of my life where I struggled, searched answers to my questions, and how I overcame it. I would like to look at this grown boy in the future, with deep fondness, and together we say, we did it. We overcame your weaknesses. This tattoo symbolizes my unconditional love for this boy. I see past his imperfections and just love him the way he is.

I see you. And I love you. My first tattoo is you, my son.

Tattoo Nebula