Sophie’s last class in Gymboree Greenbelt ended in March, and I’ve been wanting to transfer her somewhere nearby, since we’re in BF during the weekends. Her schedule in Gymboree as level 5 were every Fridays, and even though there’s a Skyway, Friday traffic are always unbelievably unbearable.

Anyway, good thing I was able to start her into the Summer term of Little Gym Alabang. It includes 8 sessions for 10,580 + 1,960 annual fee. Its more expensive than Gymboree but its more into gym or sporty activities. Sophie was such a scaredycat in Gymbo and holds her yaya’s hands everytime. So this time I got rid of her yaya, I personally attend the classes with her. I’m letting her do her thing and explore on her own.

Sophie seems to love her new playschool. At 30 mos she’s called a Beast (19-2.11 mos). Little Gym is more spacious, she has lots of classmates (they’re around 10 or 12), and she has more physical activities. For the past 2 sessions, they had basketball and archery as main activities. Plus they have about 10 minutes to just play and explore the gym. Even though Teacher Laurie got her hands full with the kids, she seemed to make time, encourage and compliment each one by one.

exploring on her own

I wanted Sophie to be busier this summer, as she’s growing and she’s always at home with no playmates. So apart from the summer school, I also enrolled her in swimming class. I researched and found Aqualogic Swim Co. They are more expensive than the others but they have classes at The Village Sports Club, also in BF which is very conducive for us. The classes cost 7,590 + 500 membership fee for 10 sessions.

At first, Sophie was scared and cried for more than half of the 30-minute class. She has since improved on the succeeding classes, as she’s getting used to being submerged into the water. We’re on the 4th session the last time, and even though she doesn’t seem to enjoy it, at least she’s listening and cooperating. Her age is the best time to teach swimming I think, because she can understand already, unlike the class before us, who are I think not more than a year olds. They’re always crying, and I feel sorry for the babies being submerged in the water. They’re just too young, imo.

Maybe next year I will enroll her again in a swimming class, until she learns how to do it herself. I am not a good swimmer myself, I’m actually a poor swimmer. Of course back then my parents did not have the means to enroll us in swimming classes, nor the availability of the classes. But the generation now is different, even babies starting 6 mos can now have swimming lessons. So this early I wanted Sophie to learn the basics first, how to feel safe and comfortable in the water, how to return to the ledge, and in due time how to swim by herself.

sliding down the pool

The Little Gym Alabang

Aqualogic Swim Co.