Before the year ends, I just have to post one last time, to sum up my 2015. It has been the best year so far, and maybe my most travelled year. I have travelled to several countries, Vietnam, Japan, HK and locally to Bohol, Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo. I’ve also been to unforgettable places for the first time, such as the Holy Land and London. The best part of all the travelling was being with my loved ones, Sophie and Tabs. 

Careerwise, there has been ups and downs. I can’t still fully say I love my job, being my in-law is my boss and she gets on my nerves most of the time. But I am groomed for my future life, and I’m too blessed, too undeserving to complain.

Financially, I have saved a little somehow. I still do not have a million, but step by step I will get there. I’m still a big spender, hopefully this is the trait to improve on next year, so I can save more, for Sophie’s future studies and my parents house.

I may have financial issues with my family, as my elderly parents depend on me frequently. But I’m still thankful they are healthy this year. We also travelled locally a couple of times, and hopefully more next year, while they still can and able.

Healthwise, I still haven’t lost some weight. I maybe even gained more 🙈. But I had my share of efforts to be healthy. I joined several runs and drink cold-pressed juices sometimes. I still breastfeed so somehow I feel I’m okay, though not fit physically.

Social media wise, this year is probably my most active. I try to post something constantly, a photo or two so I can share a bit of my life to my friends and family.

As for Tabs, we love travelling together. We go to work together, and basically just do everything together. Its a bit sad that he’s not pursuing his medical career, but in exchange, I’m thankful because I can be with him everyday. 

As for my little girl Sophie who turned 2 this year, everyday is so much beautiful with her in my life. Motherhood and breastfeeding maybe the most difficult job gifted to me, but its also the most fulfilling. I hope I deserve another Sophie, (or a boy perhaps) in this lifetime.

What a great year it has been! Thank you 2015. Happy new year 2016, I’m excited to see what you have in store for me. Lets bring it on! ❤️