.. that just yesterday I was elated to finally see the first glimpse of my baby, only today to feel so down because of spotting brown discharge all day. I went to the OB and she said my cervix was closed upon IE, but I saw her gloves and it was full of brown discharge! 😣
I have to take tocolytics for a week. Even though I was somewhat relieved of my closed cervix and I do not feel any contractions apart from the normal abdominal pains and Sophie is still very much active, I’m still worried and can’t help thinking of preterm labor.. Could it be because I was daydreaming and looking at Sophie’s photos nonstop last night that somehow “nabati ko sya,” and can’t wait to get out? Oh please Sophie, we still have 6 more weeks! Please be a good girl and stay within mommy’s tummy a little longer! 🙏