I know what Tabs must be feeling right now. He’s about to take his medical board exam for 2 weekends, starting tomorrow. Good thing he is so collected and cool, as he’s still doing some last minute studying. If it was me, I’d probably scare myself from all the anxiety and wouldn’t be able to sleep for several nights. I, too, have done my shares of undergoing a couple of board exams several years ago, and I tell you, it wasn’t fun at all.
In 2007, we both underwent the Nursing board exam, and it was especially difficult for our batch since the preceeding 2006 batch’s infamous leakage controversy. Preparing for the board was hard enough, with several months of review, PRC application, then the 2-day exam itself.. What was harder was the 2 month waiting time for the result to come out. Every waking day of that 2 months was spent thinking if I passed or failed. I even dreamed about it several times. It was the most difficult 2 months.
Upon passing the local board exam, I prepared myself to take the NCLEX, or the US RN board exam. Applying for this board was even harder and way too expensive, with too many requirements and all had to be sent to the US. To top it off, I was alone. Tabs was already taking his first year at med school and my other friends were working already. I commuted to SM Manila for my Gapuz review for almost a month, on my own. I also took the test alone, although Tabs drove me to the testing site. I also waited for a month, I think, for the result to come out, since it would be coming from California. How I dreaded those days of waiting.
When I finally received my letter of positive result from California Board of Nursing, I wasted no time and immediately reviewed for IELTS. Since Ph is not an english-speaking country per se, I needed this test, along with NCLEX, for me to qualify for a VisaScreen certificate, which is needed by an employer for me to work in the states. I love the English language, in fact, I am very good at it. But this test, considering it was only a language test, turned out to be more difficult than I expected. There was an interview part, and on the day of my interview I was really sick, as in severe cough and colds sick, and I was absolutely sure I flopped the interview from the disappointed look the interviewer gave me. So when I was about to claim my result personally, I was too nervous and shaky I couldn’t even walk up the stairs. Darn I couldn’t even open the envelope properly. I immediately teared up upon learning I passed. I seriously do not want having to do an IELTS again anymore. It was too stressful for me.
This time around Tabs is in the same situation again, 6 years after our local nursing board exam. Only this time he would be proved as a medical doctor. Yesterday, we went to Baclaran, to offer mass and seek for help and enlightenment. Of my 3 major exams, I did the same in this powerful church, and I was proud to say that not only did I pass, but with flying colors as well. I’m not a religious person, but I seek help if I need it, and thank if I was given. I believe that if you stay humble, have faith and lift everything up to Him, nothing is impossible. Believe and it will be given to you. That is The Secret. If you want something, own it and claim it, and the world will conspire to give it to you.
To my future doctor, who’s feeling all the pressure and jitters right now, we are all rooting and praying for you! Good luck and God bless you Sophie’s dad! 😘