December 9 was the day PH was anticipating for weeks. The 4th bout of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. I wasn’t able to watch when it was broadcast on TV, I was out savoring Melo’s Angus Steak (lol). I only heard about Pacquiao’s staggering loss over the radio.
My two cents on the match: It did not made Pacquiao less of a champ. There were good days, there were bad. Stop talking and just consider this a bad day, then let’s move on. No need to prove himself time and again, he had done it countless times.
For the issues surrounding his defeat, first, I don’t think his change of religion is to be blamed either, though hardcore Catholics think so. The rosary is only a representation of our faith. It does not make him less son of God.
As for his retirement, well, at 33, I think he has achieved so much already, he can retire if he wanted to, thats for him to decide. After all, its his body that does all the working and beating. He must know when to stop.
And lastly for the photos posts by Justin Bieber, I believe they were not too creative, and I don’t think it was a joke. The stupid kid made fun of the fallen boxer, and it was not funny. It was downright rude and ugly.
I am not a big fan of the Pacman but he proudly carries PH every wins. We celebrate his victories and encourage him with his loss. I hope every true Pinoys would have his back at this trying time.