I feel too stressed and drained. I’ve waited all day for the good news. When it finally arrived I wasn’t sure if it was bad. But it was definitely not good. So I was given a visa again, and tabs hasn’t yet. He was still asked to submit a TIN card, which by some stroke of misfortune we couldn’t find anywhere in the world. We combed the whole house, and it couldn’t be found. If ever we did find it the process will be extended for 3 days, still unsure if he will be given a visa. And we are supposed to leave by the weekend, which I doubt if ever we could still make it.
I feel so sad, mad and sorry for him. Sad that he was still unsure of approval, mad that he did not take the reapplication requirements seriously, and sorry because it was somehow my fault he was denied the first time and couldn’t witness the country I would want to revisit over again.
I was really hoping against hope that he would be approved and we could go together this time. C’mon Korean Embassy, the suspense is killing me!