Lola Beth is Tabs’ favorite granny, even though she is not his immediate grandmother (she’s a sister of his mother’s mother). She was the one who took care of him as a little child and have lived with them for several years. She cooked for the family and especially for tabs’ requested foods. You could say she’s contributory to tabs’ fat deposition. Tabs and lola even lived for a year in Dasmarinas, Cavite, when tabs studied Biology in DLSU. I met her when we were still a new couple, and she criticized my huge eyebags.^^
She got sick in 2008 and we visited her a couple of times in Cainta, where she was then living with her relatives, asking for financial assistance. She doesn’t have children, only adopted ones she raised who don’t care too much about her, the way I see it. She had 2 dogs she dearly loved whom she treated like her own children.

Lola Beth passed away yesterday. I couldn’t help feeling sad though I barely know her. Tabs told me he had been thinking about lola’s cooking for several days now. Maybe she was thinking about him too, before she died.
We will be travelling up north to Ilocos on the long weekend. Due to schedule conflicts I don’t think we will make it before her interment. But we will still pay our respects after. Lola Beth, tabs will miss you! And thanks for everything on his behalf.