Its been raining heavily almost nonstop for a couple of days now. It feels like a typhoon one after another when they said there’s even no typhoon this time. I instantly plugged my electronic devices to power outlet when I got home. Times like this power could shut off anytime. It was raining hard when I left the office, traffic started to swell, and sure enough, its already flooded in Queensway. Good thing I have a bigger car now, coz Jazz wouldn’t probably survive water that high. I don’t know, but whenever it rains this hard I kind of get scared. Though I didn’t have any bad experience with flood or something like that. I just think a lot about my loved ones’ safety, mostly, and I realized as I’m getting older, I frequently pray for them, especially Tabs. I think about my cats too, maybe stuck under cars shivering from cold and wetness. Good thing I fed some of them earlier when rain slowed down. My dogs are lucky and sheltered, in a cold air-conditioned room I’m maintaining just in case it blacked out, at least it would remain cold through the night.

Also, its very discouraging to go out, like go to gym as I planned. I hope on my birthday the rain won’t be as hard as this one. My birthday month really is a rainy month. Growing up, it always rains on my birthday. Now that I think about it, how about LSG’s fanmeet.. I hope weather would tame by that time. I would probably move mountains so I can be there, come hell or high water. Praying for a finer weather! And also, wishing for everyone’s safety this rainy season. 🙂