I don’t know, but everytime I think about going to gym dreads me of some sort. Its like I’m always having heavy feet and laziness dawns on me everytime. Maybe the only force that keeps me going is the 2,890 I have to pay every month, locked for a year. Otherwise, there’s nothing, really. I thought that my miscarriage would be the boost that I needed to help me get fit. Or the thought that I may have diabetes, which I pray, won’t happen. Just that I always procrastinate. Everytime I plan to go, something happens, mostly it rains, and I would be discouraged to go. I initially planned on working out every tabs’ duty, when he doesn’t go home. So that would make it around twice or thrice a week, approximately 10 times a month. But on June I just made 2 visits to Fitness First. And I paid 2,890 for that 2 friggin visits.
Why the hell am I such a lazy ass? đŸ˜¦