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21 weeks

See you soon, my son ♥️

School girl, soon

I hate to admit that Sophie is growing up faster than I expected. In 6 months time she will become four, and though I still have my reservations if she’s ready for school, I know in one way or the other she has to go. 

I have finally chosen Southville to be her first school. We had a 2-day trial and it was good, so far. The problem I have with Sophie is that, even though she loves posing for pictures, she is extremely shy and doesn’t socialize with kids. I hope I won’t encounter any separation anxieties from her during the first weeks.

Anyway, from the 2-day trial I had a glimpse of their learning method. Southville has a progressive method of teaching. The kinder class has only 6 students, a teacher and a teacher aid. They have singing, dancing, lots of educational activities, story telling. They have computer lab and library periods. The kids also know how to read a little, which I think is very advanced for their age. 

The tuition fee is around 124k for a year for the kinder class, excluding the books, school supplies and uniforms. Its actually more expensive than other schools, but since its an international school, I know it will be worth it. And the best part is that, its just a kilometer away from the house. Its so conducive and very apt for us!

Here is Sophie enjoying the playgrounds of her future school. 



Southville International School and Colleges

Weaning soon

As the days draw near, I can’t help feeling sentimental that my breastfeeding journey is coming to an end. As my husband and I are planning to have another little one soon, we have decided not to include Sophie on our upcoming trip overseas, so that she could wean too. I read somewhere that sudden weaning maybe traumatic for a child, but I think I have done more than enough, having been breastfeeding for nearly 3 years now. I would like to thank my tired and worn out breasts, for providing me not only a healthy and intelligent child, but also a special bond only Sophie and I share. In lieu of this, I plan on having a tattoo, to celebrate my tough and beautiful journey. ❤️ Until my next breastfeeding journey (hopefully), signing off soon. 

Sophie’s Summer Classes

Sophie’s last class in Gymboree Greenbelt ended in March, and I’ve been wanting to transfer her somewhere nearby, since we’re in BF during the weekends. Her schedule in Gymboree as level 5 were every Fridays, and even though there’s a Skyway, Friday traffic are always unbelievably unbearable.

Anyway, good thing I was able to start her into the Summer term of Little Gym Alabang. It includes 8 sessions for 10,580 + 1,960 annual fee. Its more expensive than Gymboree but its more into gym or sporty activities. Sophie was such a scaredycat in Gymbo and holds her yaya’s hands everytime. So this time I got rid of her yaya, I personally attend the classes with her. I’m letting her do her thing and explore on her own.

Sophie seems to love her new playschool. At 30 mos she’s called a Beast (19-2.11 mos). Little Gym is more spacious, she has lots of classmates (they’re around 10 or 12), and she has more physical activities. For the past 2 sessions, they had basketball and archery as main activities. Plus they have about 10 minutes to just play and explore the gym. Even though Teacher Laurie got her hands full with the kids, she seemed to make time, encourage and compliment each one by one.

exploring on her own

I wanted Sophie to be busier this summer, as she’s growing and she’s always at home with no playmates. So apart from the summer school, I also enrolled her in swimming class. I researched and found Aqualogic Swim Co. They are more expensive than the others but they have classes at The Village Sports Club, also in BF which is very conducive for us. The classes cost 7,590 + 500 membership fee for 10 sessions.

At first, Sophie was scared and cried for more than half of the 30-minute class. She has since improved on the succeeding classes, as she’s getting used to being submerged into the water. We’re on the 4th session the last time, and even though she doesn’t seem to enjoy it, at least she’s listening and cooperating. Her age is the best time to teach swimming I think, because she can understand already, unlike the class before us, who are I think not more than a year olds. They’re always crying, and I feel sorry for the babies being submerged in the water. They’re just too young, imo.

Maybe next year I will enroll her again in a swimming class, until she learns how to do it herself. I am not a good swimmer myself, I’m actually a poor swimmer. Of course back then my parents did not have the means to enroll us in swimming classes, nor the availability of the classes. But the generation now is different, even babies starting 6 mos can now have swimming lessons. So this early I wanted Sophie to learn the basics first, how to feel safe and comfortable in the water, how to return to the ledge, and in due time how to swim by herself.

sliding down the pool

The Little Gym Alabang

Aqualogic Swim Co.

School hunting

These past few days I was preoccupied about something. I was researching for a school I will send Sophie to. I know she just turned 2, but as early as now I would like to make a shortlist of my options, since 2 years is not so far away (we plan on sending her by age 4). Also, most of these schools do open houses at the beginning of the year, so at least I can anticipate any of the school I have shortlisted.

If I was asked a year ago, I’d probably say BSM in a heartbeat. But spending for almost a million a year, for nursery until highschool, is waaay too outrageous for me. And considering that we are a normal family, meaning we’re not expats, diplomats, politicians or known personalities. So I scrap the idea of BSM or any international school. Its just a wishful thinking, a fantasy of mine.

I also scrapped the idea of an all-girls school. I have been to one and believe me, it wouldn’t be healthy for her. Co-eds are more fun, esp. in highschool years.

I was thinking of 3 schools last night. SISFU (Southville), DLSZ and CSA. I read a mommies forum and one mom said she’s a SISFU alumna but doesn’t want to enrol her kids there. The kind of crowd she belonged to was not good. Some are kickouts, some are in and out of rehab.. I mean I’m not generalizing. I know its every individual’s choice what to do with their teenage lives. But if you’re exposed to this kind of environment, then there’s a possibility you will become one too, right?

I think DLSZ was my best bet. Though I’m not fond of DLS in general (purely personal, my guts don’t like them) I think DLSZ is conducive for us Southern people. BUT, I read about their color coding scheme and it turned me off. It was implemented just January this year, that all non-resident cars must ONLY have 1 of the 2 colored stickers, and they alternate daily. Say, if you have a white sticker you can only use your car to fetch your child MWF. This was implemented by the exclusive village where the school is located, to lessen the ongoing traffic the vehicles make during hatid-sundo time. Most of the parents are furious about this scheme. I mean I would too, imagine, you incovenient yourself by enrolling your child to this school, when there’s tons of good schools around who do not have a traffic problem, right?

I was pretty bummed about DLSZ. But I know this will be the top contender for Sophie’s school in the future. I know CSA is a good school also, some of my classmates were from here, and they’re nice, down to earth individuals. I think these 2 schools will be my best bets. I’m also thinking if I should include SBA (San Beda) to my list. I think its a good school, too. 

I will be researching more to find the best school for Sophie. Budget-wise, as long as it doesn’t reach half a million a year, I think it should be fine. Of course, its going to be a different story when another offspring comes. 

For now, Sophie is still enjoying Gymboree, but we might transfer her to another kids gym in BF called Club Bambino, or Little Gym in Alabang. Location wise, these 2 are more convenient since we are in BF on weekends. I have to book her in trials first, though. 

Anyways, there’s a good one year or so for school hunting. This is going to be tough because once she enrols, its going to be her 2nd home until she graduates highschool. So this is some serious stuff for a parent like me. Whatever she will be in the future, its us parents who first made the choice. ®

An ode to my breastfeeding journey

To wean or not to wean? I contemplate time and again. 

Its difficult on some days, some days it gets better.

Then I see my child and realize how fast she’s growing.

That I can’t stop the time so I can keep her little.

I know in time she will stop.

I know in time I let go.

When that time comes,

I will be happy, I will be sad. There will be a feeling I can’t explain.

I will be longing for the little child I nourished,

Wishing that time can take me back, and do it all over once again.

Breastfeeding at 25 months and counting.

Breastfeeding at 1 year

We celebrated Sophie’s first birthday almost 2 weeks ago, and when I think about it, I should also celebrate the next big thing to her birthday. It is also my first year of breastfeeding her! 👏

She is one smart baby, because she knows whats best for her. From birth up to now, she refuses to drink from a bottle (even breastmilk) and formula. Good thing she eats a lot now, but she still needs mommy during her sleeptime, especially at night.

I get teary eyed just thinking about my breastfeeding journey, with just a little support system, I wasn’t sure if I can do it again next time. But thank God for breastmilk, Sophie is one healthy baby! She may not be fat, but she has a lean and strong body. She rarely gets sick. She is also very very smart. Also, it serves as our bonding time, especially when she needs comfort.

I’m not sure for how long I can breastfeed, maybe for as long as she needs me. It maybe a long and difficult journey, but I know it will be worth it in the end. 😅

Here I am breastfeeding Sophie onboard the Shinkansen. Strike anytime, anywhere. 😊


Sophie says Ma

At 6 months, she can already say Da. She’s 10 months now, and has been saying Ma the past two days and repeatedly the whole day today. I know its just a syllable, but hearing it gives me so much joy and recognition. Its the little joys of motherhood, I guess. 👸

Of eating and falling


Sophie is surely growing up fast. Today marks another milestone in her life, she ate solid food for the first time! 😀 For weeks now she had shown interest in food, like staring at the food we eat, or opening her mouth as we joke around, trying to let her eat. Since she can already sit with support, on her last check-up I asked Dra. Pandy if she can already start on her solids, as she’s only 5 months. Dra allowed, maybe basing that Sophie has lower normal weight and solids can increase that.

Anyway, Daddy bought her foods and utensils and set up her high chair last week. Too bad he wasn’t here to personally witness Sophie eats for the first time. He went to province over the weekend, but Roxy managed to take a video. Sophie ate her Cerelac rice and soya with milk. I think she did good, since she can only take 3 tablespoons for now. At first she pushes the food out with her tongue, but she managed to get the hang of it after a few minutes. Way to go Sophie! 👏

Now, I wasn’t sure if its the solids, but she has gotten a lot smarter and more active within the day, that she fell off the bed. I only left her for a while and went to the washroom. I placed her near the pillows and secured her with little bolster pillows.

I was only gone for about 2 to 3 minutes. I was getting back to the room when I heard a loud cry. I opened the door and found Sophie lying prone on the floor, trying to get up. She was crying in fits. I raced to her in shock, not believing what has happened. I was shaking when I picked her up, immediately consoled her and checked her head. She has red marks on her left head, but no bumps. I checked her eyes, no blood. Her ears, no fluid. No marks on her limbs and body. Since she was crying, I breastfed her and she sucked normally. I felt like kicking myself for not using the big pillows to secure her.

I was still in awe on how she managed to fall herself to the floor, since she can’t crawl yet. Maybe she kept on rolling til she fell, in just a matter of minutes. I immediately texted Tabs, but was unsure if I should tell the others. He was mad of course, told the rest with him, even called Roxy here. Even though Sophie looked fine and laughing already, Tabs was persistent and wanted to be sure. So after dinner we went to St. Lukes to have her assessed. The doctors checked on her and since all were normal, we were told to go home and just observe her within the next hours or days.

Thank God Sophie is strong and nothing seriously harmful happened to her, and hopefully nothing will. I know it is inevitable for infants or kids to hurt themselves at some point in their lives, but with proper guidance and safety measures, it is possible to lessen or even prevented. I hope to set up Sophie’s playpen soon, and maybe child-proof the floor. It was so hard for me seeing my child hurt, and today I had to learn the hard way. 😥

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