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Happy birthday baby boy!

Welcome to the world, Jose Lorenzo aka Jolo! Born on October 14, 2018 11:27am, weighing 7.4lbs 50in long. Safely delivered him via NSD after enduring a 16-hour labor.

To Dra. Elsie Pascua and her team at SLMC-BGC, thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Jolo my son, you were just a dream that came true. We are excited to share the world with you!❤️

Jose Lorenzo, we are so glad to see you!
11-day old Jolo

Dangerously Addictive Chips

I know it was so last year, but recently I just tasted a local salted egg potato chips and I was blown away, that I started looking for ways to get hold of the original, the Irvin’s from Singapore. 

Then hubby decided to join a Porsche racing lesson in Sepang, Malaysia and I wanted to come along solely because I wanted to go to SG for the Irvin’s. So anyway, after our trip in Sepang, we stayed for a night in Concorde Hotel near Plaza Singapura, where an Irvin’s and Sephora are located. They were my targeted to-go places on this trip, aside from a lunch at Marché Somerset. 

Irvin’s Plaza Singapura

I was disappointed with Irvin’s. It was just a little past lunch time and they ran out of potato chips already. There were only about 20 big packs of salted fish skins left. The big packs cost SGD16, and the small packs were sold at SGD8. I’ve tried the fish skins before and I loved it so I bought a couple of packs. The guy from the Irvin’s said that even the other outlets had ran out of stocks, and I’m guessing after just a few more customers he will closed down too. How I wish they produce more potato skins. I personally think that they limit the production so the fad won’t go away soon.

Luckily that day, I browsed thru their IG and found out they just opened a #dangerouslymasarap box deliveries to the PH! The minimum order is 1 box, consists of 30 small packs however you mix them, or 15 big packs. A 35 SGD delivery fee is added straight to any PH address. 

I immediately ordered mine and received the box 10 days later. I finally got to have my first taste of THE Irvin’s salted egg potato chips after great lengths of finding it!

Now my feedback: I know they are the original, but those that say they are the best definitely hasn’t tasted Tamagochips before. It is for me, still the holy grail of the salted egg chips. It is locally produced and sorry to say that Irvin’s doesn’t even come close to its taste. 😛

Tamagochips still rules!

I brought Tamagochips in my Amanpulo trip!

A Different Kind of Baby

Late post: We brought Tigger home on April 12

This is not the baby we expected but, we are very thankful nonetheless! Sometimes we think this is still so surreal, owning and driving our very own Porsche. Congratulations to my hubby for finally having your dream car! And to Tigger, welcome home! Lets have safe travels all the time, okie? ❤️

The Porsche Macan
Driving this badass home
Welcome home!

Three and a half decades

As I turned another year older a couple of days ago, I can’t help feeling anxious that the big 4-0 is not too far away. It will come, and it will be inevitable. As much as I wish I can go back to being 13 and that somehow a part of me still lives in the past, I know I’ve been given a good life, better even, than I can ever imagine. It is not perfect of course, and I may have a lot of regrets, but those are overshadowed by overflowing of blessings I receive continuously. Sometimes I think I’m not too worthy of them, and that other people are far more deserving than I am, but there must be something, some reasons.. I must have done something good and right in the past to deserve what I have today. Thankful beyond words. ❤️

08.18.16 celebrating with family

Our Family Portrait

In just over a month my parents-in laws will be having their church wedding. This is their first ever wedding, so we can tell its going to be grand. A lot of people were surprised to know that they weren’t legally married after all these years, but at least after they patched up their legal problems they still decided to marry each other. It maybe true love, after all. Hehe.

We picked out the best suppliers out there imho, since there’s no problem budgetwise. Our photographer, Jiggie Alejandrino is relatively new in weddings, but is a veteran portraitist. At the wedding fair last year, we were thinking of getting Nice Print again, since they document well and has a reasonable price. But we met Jiggie thru Team OSS (4D photobooth) that we also got, and he showed us some of his works, and they looked great and well made.

As Tabs also studied a bit of photography, he said Jiggie knows what he’s talking about. He is very detailed and meticulous, and getting him for the wedding was one of the best decisions we made. He has the best rates too. He included the prenup shoot in his package, and also included our family portrait. 

Below are some of the family shots that he took of us, amidst the prenup shoot of my inlaws. These were shot in Las Casas de Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. It was amazing to see the photos so bright and well lit, because I remember it was so dark during our shoot. And these are not even edited yet. He’s a surprise find, this Jiggie. 

We plan on having one or two of these blown up to put up on the walls of the house. You know, kinda like the old houses with portraits of ancestors. Hehe.


Sophie’s first trick or treat

While waiting for JV All Events official photos to arrive, I just have to post Sophie’s first trick or treat. We celebrated Sophie’s 2nd birthday in Jollibee a day before her actual birthday. Since we have nothing to do on her birthday, I signed her up for a Pumpkin Patch in Gymboree. I dressed her as Queen Elsa, complete with shoes and tiara. No scary costume for her coz she gets scared easily.

Sophie as Snow Queen Elsa

Before going out for trick or treat, the teachers prepared different activities for the kids like storytelling, making Frankenstein art, gymplay and prepared small snacks for the kids.

bubbles time!
mr frankenstein
small snack before trick or treating
The trick or treat was tiring, as we went all the way up to the fifth floor. I know Sophie got tired too, but everytime someone drops something in her pumpkin, her face lights up. Her pumpkin was loaded when we finished, and she was so happy with all the candies she received.


happy birthday girl!
We treated her after for a nice birthday dinner in Chili’s for a job well done. Happy birthday Sophie! ❤️

Sophie’s 2nd Pre-birthday photoshoot – Take Your Pic ATC

How time flies, Sophie is turning 2 in a month, just like that. I love seeing her photos done in a studio, so since she was a baby she has always photoshoots.

Sharing with you some of Sophie’s pre-birthday shots. This was done in Take Your Pic ATC. It has a very small studio because its more of a photobooth than an ordinary studio. They have affordable packages and I got the 2,000 package which includes 8×10 photo with frame, 4 5R prints and 15 digital files in CD. 


Take Your Pic Alabang Town Center – 02.218.7689 IG: takeyourpicstudio

Shu Uemura is ❤️

I love makeup and skincare products. I have discovered my love for makeup in 2010, and skincare since I started having facials in Luz back in the day (late 90s). Over the years I have tried different brands (from drugstore brands to high ends), so somehow I had the idea of the better and reasonable ones to purchase.  

Anyways, the only brand that I haven’t tried is Shu Uemura. I constantly overlook this brand in malls and Duty Frees. Maybe because I’m more interested in Shiseido and SKII, given they’re all Japanese brands. SKII has an amazing (and very expensive) skincare products, and I love Shiseido and Maquillage’s powder foundations. 

I was just browsing thru IG when I chanced upon the scheduled Beauty Class of Shu Uemura for those who will purchase 6k of their products. I became interested to join because even though I am a makeup junkie, I never had any teachings from a professional. So I went to ATC and bought some stuff so I could qualify. I bought a complete line of Tsuya skincare, and man, this line is impressive! I know my goal is to just qualify for the Beauty Class but I stumbled into something more. I have discovered the amazing products of Shu Uemura. (and no, I didn’t get paid to say this)

Even though Shu’s products are expensive, I am sincere to say they’re worth it. I highly recommend the Ultim8 cleansing oil. Shu is famous for its cleansing oils but the Ultim8 is the creme ala creme. And the Tsuya line (lotion, essence, emulsion, night cream) is pure heaven! I’m just using them for a week and  I love them on my face! Really, what a surprise find. ❤️

The Beauty Class is just a bonus. I know my basic makeup but I learned more techniques from Shu Master Cats Del Rosario. Thanks to her and the rest of the Shu Beauty Team ATC for beautifying me and the other participant, Ms. Jackie. 

Here are some of the highlights of my well spent afternoon.


selfie before the beauty class
I did half of my face! ❤️
1st look / day to day look
2nd look / evening look
Beauty Class 101 Team
mandatory mirror selfie

Sophie in Playschool : Gymboree

We know its too early, but at Sophie’s young age of 20 months, we want her to experience going to a playschool. In our house, she’s the only baby, and her playmates are mostly us and her yayas. Its still different to mingle with kids her age too, and to gain confidence with her activities while learning and having fun at the same time.

When she was just 10 months, I tried her in a trial class in Kinder Musik BGC. It was ok but there were so many kids. I think they were more than a dozen in a class and the space was so small. Plus we were so busy that time with all the wedding preparations. Now I think is the best time for her to join a playschool. She can understand almost everything now, though she doesn’t talk much yet. 


Sophie and I on her trial class
I plan on enrolling her to the different classes of Gymboree in Greenbelt 5. They have a nice spacious area for playing. For now I enrolled her in Play and Learn Level 4 (16-24 months). The first time she was a bit hesitant to try the slides and other activities, but she got more relaxed the second time and even tried to mingle with some of her classmates. Whats nice about Gymboree is the kids gymplay for the day is free when enrolled in a class. So the kids can stay before or after class if they still want to play.
Sophie’s becoming confident on her succeeding classes
she doesn’t like going through a tunnel like this though
going up the slide by herself
sliding cautiously 😉
Teacher Jem hands out a shape for Sophie to toss

Sophie mingling with a classmate

She loves to dance whenever she hears an upbeat song, so probably next would be her Music class. 

Here is Sophie dancing to the Gymbo song.  

For more information, visit or call:

Gymboree Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt 5, Basement Level, Ayala Center, Makati

Phone: (63)2.728.4769 (GROW)

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