I love makeup and skincare products. I have discovered my love for makeup in 2010, and skincare since I started having facials in Luz back in the day (late 90s). Over the years I have tried different brands (from drugstore brands to high ends), so somehow I had the idea of the better and reasonable ones to purchase.  

Anyways, the only brand that I haven’t tried is Shu Uemura. I constantly overlook this brand in malls and Duty Frees. Maybe because I’m more interested in Shiseido and SKII, given they’re all Japanese brands. SKII has an amazing (and very expensive) skincare products, and I love Shiseido and Maquillage’s powder foundations. 

I was just browsing thru IG when I chanced upon the scheduled Beauty Class of Shu Uemura for those who will purchase 6k of their products. I became interested to join because even though I am a makeup junkie, I never had any teachings from a professional. So I went to ATC and bought some stuff so I could qualify. I bought a complete line of Tsuya skincare, and man, this line is impressive! I know my goal is to just qualify for the Beauty Class but I stumbled into something more. I have discovered the amazing products of Shu Uemura. (and no, I didn’t get paid to say this)

Even though Shu’s products are expensive, I am sincere to say they’re worth it. I highly recommend the Ultim8 cleansing oil. Shu is famous for its cleansing oils but the Ultim8 is the creme ala creme. And the Tsuya line (lotion, essence, emulsion, night cream) is pure heaven! I’m just using them for a week and  I love them on my face! Really, what a surprise find. ❤️

The Beauty Class is just a bonus. I know my basic makeup but I learned more techniques from Shu Master Cats Del Rosario. Thanks to her and the rest of the Shu Beauty Team ATC for beautifying me and the other participant, Ms. Jackie. 

Here are some of the highlights of my well spent afternoon.


selfie before the beauty class
I did half of my face! ❤️
1st look / day to day look
2nd look / evening look
Beauty Class 101 Team
mandatory mirror selfie