Since the start of the community quarantine, I lost a day job. I still go to the office every now and then, but most of the time I’m just home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bored! With 2 kids hanging around there’s no time to be bored how I wish!

They say during the quarantine you become either two things, a cook or baker, or a plant lover. I think I became a plant lover, plantita, plantmama, whatever way you call it. I’m so used to taking care of another being, I guess, I added the plants to care for, and check everyday.

The plants are so beautiful! I did not even give a fig about them before, but looking at them now make me feel so good. I feel happy when I see another new leaf, or when a flower blooms. Plus they make the house more lively, more vibrant, you know?

Showing off the indoor plants I collected so far. Hoping for more to come soon! Plus did I say that most of these are great air purifiers? 🌿

Fiddle leaf fig
Snake and Peace lily
Selloum and Janet Craig
Money tree
Calathea Lutea
Cactuses and Jade
These Caladiums suddenly grew and multiplied in the yard!